my red jumbo has arrived!!

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  1. :yahoo:

    finally received my red caviar jumbo and put it to good use!!


  2. [​IMG]
  3. Drooling...... Love it!!!

    I went to my local CHANEL store yesterday, and was told they would probably not receive any red jumbo this year?!?!?! AHHHHHHHHHHHH:hysteric::hysteric: I wish I was in US.
  4. So pretty-it looks great on you
  5. Congratulations!!! :yahoo:
  6. I LOVE this color!!!!Congrats!!
  7. Looks beautiful... Congratulations!
  8. yummy!! congrats!
  9. amazing bag, congrats! i lovelovelove that red.
  10. Looks STUNNING on you! Congrats!!! :wlae:
  11. Absolutely gorgeous bag! Looks great with your outfit! Could I ask what kinda shoes you're wearing, they are very cute!:biggrin:
  12. Yepp, me to .. we don´t even have a Chanel store in Sweden. I need someone on the inside .. USA :P
  13. Lovely color....enjoy!
  14. thank you for the compliments everyone :wlae: :heart:

    i got my shoes at DSW, they're by rampage. i love them! i think there's a pair on ebay right now. they're super comfortable, too! i'll PM you the link
  15. very beautiful ~~congratz!