My red epi speedy is here...

  1. I just want to share my excitement to all of you...:yahoo: :yahoo:

    It's gorgeous:love: !Got it from lovely friend;) ..never been carried, it's brand new..
    I also took the pictures of the bag next to my speedy mono 25 and damier 30. Epi speedy is slightly bigger than speedy mono 25. It's between speedy 25 and 30.

    I can't wait to get more list is getting longer LOL..

    red1.jpg red2.jpg red3.jpg red4.jpg red5.jpg red6.jpg
  2. thats a beautiful bag. congrats!
  3. AWESOME AWESOME. Goodness I wish I hadn't seen that. I have to get one now! That red is incredible and so HOT! Red is your color! Love the fringe!!
  4. :love:It is gorgeous, I love it! Thank you for posting those photos too, it is great to see the size of the epi 25 next to the canvas 25 and 30. I just ordered a epi speedy 25 today :shame: and I am glad I got that size seeing your photos now. :nuts:
  5. Look at the Speedies!!:love: Congrats !! It's such a beautiful colour!:nuts:
  6. thanks ladies..

    red is soooooo my color. I was considering to buy jasmin in myrtille but a friend was selling this bag..I snapped it. I think I will get jasmin in black for formal occasion..
  7. Congrat's!!

    Looks great, thanks for sharing and enjoy!!


  8. Thanks..I am visual kind of person..taking those pics might help for future reference incase others want to get speedy epi..;)
  9. I love mine, it is my favorite bag.
    *congratulations* you will really love that baby.
  10. Aaaaaw, red Epi is so HOT! :nuts:
  11. Congrats! I love the red epi! Also, thanks for all the comparison pics.
  12. Thanks ladies..
  13. your red epi is beautiful!! I love your speedy family!
  14. Congrats!! Enjoy your red epi speedy!!! :yahoo: