My red classic Chanel!

  1. I did it! Exchanged my baby blue pochette for the red classic 2.55 flap.... and i am sooo happy with the red one! Itz so beautiful and structured! :yahoo:

  2. It's gorgeous! Congrats!
  3. That bag is gorgeous!!!
  4. Beautiful! That red is gorgeous! Congratulations!
  5. LOVE that color.:love:
  6. It is stunning.... Love the vibrant red.
  7. congrats, it's beautiful. :drool:
  8. OMG...i love it!!! i am dying for a red bag.
  9. Beeuuuttiiffull!!!
  10. What a stunning bag! Enjoy!!
  11. Great choice!!
  12. Absolutely gorgeous bag! LOVE it!
  13. Absolutely Stunning, Beautiful, Georgeous!!! Good choice! May I know what size is it?
  14. OMG is that red a new color that just came out or is it old stock.
    I love it!! Does it come in caviar? I think I need one in jumbo.
    Congrats on such a gorgeous bag! It's a beauty for sure!
  15. Such a gorgeous, true red! Congrats, Pixel! :yahoo: