My red Chanel classic handbags!

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  1. gorgeous!
  2. You have the whole spectrum of reds!!!
  3. Lovely ladies in RED lookin' quite FABULOUS!
  4. Wow! These are real pretty. Thanks for sharing you collection.
  5. Lovely collection!! :tup:
  6. [​IMG]

    So many gorgeous shades of red:drool: ... that is the one color I really need to add to my collection! Thank you for sharing pics of your fabulous red family!
  7. wow!! what a gorgeous collection you have!! They are stunning^^
  8. Love them all :love:. They're all gorgeous. I haven't seen the red/burgandy caviar flap before. I have the caviar keycase in that color, & I can only imagine how gorgeous your caviar flap is IRL. It's so beautiful in your modeling photo. Thanks for sharing your collection! It's a wonderful one :smile: & welcome to TPF :smile:
  9. gorgeous flaps!!
  10. beautiful collection!
  11. i am loving your red collection especially the lipstick red.. :smile: yummy color..
  12. What a lovely line-up of red bags. Absolutely Gorgeous ! Congratulations on your collection.
  13. Super bags...:heart: them!!
  14. they are all beautiful and stunning! love the last pic with the hermes kelly too :tup:
  15. Hi luvchnl,

    I never seen the red/burgandy caviar bag before I got it. There were only three of the burgangy caviar in Korea, 2007. Very limited in a Chanel boutique. Luckily I have got it.

    Thank you :smile: