My Red Caviar Timeless Clutch has arrived! Pics!

  1. My Red Caviar Timeless Clutch has arrived!!

    Its beyond gorgeous! Love the red, perfect shade. Not alot of undertones, a true red. Not overly bright either.

    My SA and fellow PFer DJO found it for me. He said the store that he had this sent to me from has more if anyone is interested.



    The picture was taken in bright sunlight. Its not as bright in regular lighting. I couldnt be more happy. My husband was watching me open it and saw me smell it! Bahahahahh he says I am sick. LOL
  2. Oh forgot to add Retail was $895!
  3. stunning!! truly classic and timeless
  4. That's gorgeous Selena! Enjoy it!
  5. [​IMG] stupid work computer...i'm sure it's lovely, i'll see it later! congrats![​IMG]
  6. Gorgeous! I must be sick too then, because I'd be smelling it as well. :shame:
  7. JUST BEAUTIFUL!!! Congrats Selena!! :yahoo:

    By the way, Saks BH has the red timeless clutch as well.
  8. :heart: :heart: LOVE!!!

    Is this the same red as the caviar bags coming out soon? What is the color code for this Selena?

    This is so beautiful! Congrats!
  9. congrats!!! :yahoo: :yahoo:

    I LOVE RED!!!!! :yes:
  10. OCgirl not sure what the color code is but this is what the box says:




    Noir (45)

  11. YAY! truly beautiful! Such a gorgeous and striking colour!
    Congrats and enjoy Selena!
  12. I think your box is for the black one. Is there anything on the price tag with "81643 RED"???

    I'm drooling over this! It is beyond beautiful! I'm on the waitlist for the red jumbo caviar, and I'm hoping that it is the same red.

  13. LOVE that clutch in red! It could make any outfit pop! Enjoy. :yes:
  14. Ok the tag says 81643
  15. Thanks guys I am really excited!! How cute woudl this be with cuffed jean capris and a cute white top!!