My Red Blake!!!!!!

  1. I am having no luck trying to figure out how to get the pic here from photobucket!! I am a complete dork!! Anyway my red blake arrived today, really pretty ferrarri red, pink suede interior and in great shape! Still has the plastic on the pushlocks!! I think she is a real cute bag, love the red!! Thanks to you all, now I need a zc to match!!Does it ever end?:heart::love::yahoo::tup::angel::
  2. haha! congrats! once you upload a pic to photobucket, copy and paste "direct link" then when you "reply" in tPF" click that button in the message box that shows a yellow square with a mountain in it. paste your link there. i wanna see!
  3. ahh! i can't wait to see it! can you just post the link from photobucket? otherwise, i would think you could just right click on the photo and paste it in a message.
  4. congrats!!! i bet she/he's a beauty!! Can't wait to see it!
  5. [​IMG] Hope this works!!
  6. Love you Melly, You always save the day!! Thanks again:tup:
  7. You're welcome! :smile:
  8. It's absolutely gorgeous! :drool: I'm very jealous!! Congrats!!

  9. Wow! What a beauty! Congrats :yahoo:
  10. Pretty Blake! I love reds.
  11. Pretty red!! Congratulations.
  12. Eek!!!! anna did you get my pm? I tried to give you directions how to do it through 'manage attachments'.....UGH!!! PM me if you are still struggling...we're all foaming at the mouth here by the way.....
  13. She is soooooooooo pretty.

    Love red. :love:


    Can the Blake be worn on the shoulder? I can't quite visualize the drop. :confused1:
  14. VERY PRETTY!!! Love the red...I hope you find the matching zc (sorry for enabling:love:)