My Recent Vacation

  1. I just had to share my recent vacation with the rest of you. I went on a cruise around the baltic sea and of course like any true addict I immediately went on to find the address of all the H boutiques along the way.

    Friday July 6th I arrived at Copenhagen and took a cab to my hotel. When the room was not ready we decided to stroll around town and I turned the corner from the hotel and what is the first thing I see..... the H boutique. It was raining a little so I decided I of course needed an Evelyn PM in Black Epson so my Gold birkin would not get wet. So litterally 10 minutes in Copenhagen and I had my first bag.

    Day Two I stopped back in the boutique and asked about getting my dream Havanne 35 Matte Croc Birkin and my BF picked up 2 belts. They said they would talk to the manager and get back to me (3 days later I got an email that said they could not help but it was worth the try)

    The next few days I was on a cruise ship to Visby Sweden, Tallin Astonia, St Petersburg Russia and Hellsiniki Finland. All nice cities but all lacking any H. Than Saturday 14th we arrived in Stockholm Sweden.

    Day One in Stockholm I picked up an AZAP wallet in Orange - I was hoping for Black or Croc but the functionality of the wallet required me to grab it in any color they had. I of course left my info for the manager to see if they could get me the beloved Matte Croc.

    Day Two I still wasn't satisified and I was becoming increasingly jealous of my BF belt so I went in picked up one for myself. Chatting up the SA she mentioned they had an order downstairs but they couldn't release anything until it was all checked in. (they are a boutique inside a major dept store). So, although I had to leave I am sitting by the phone waiting for a call about a possible 35 Black Birkin.

    All in all, it was a great trip (I also picked up a Gold Rolex) so I think I need to go on a shopping Hiatus for awhile. I also learned on vacation I have ZERO will power becuase I think I gained 10 pounds. Now I need to hide out at the gym and stay away from shopping. I was actually nervous to get on this forum because someone might list a bag I would droll over on the Shopping Store Inventory Thread.

    Thanks for letting me share
  2. Sounds absolutely fantastic-a trip to my liking! Can you tell me more about the Stockholm boutique, is there very little stock?
  3. What a wonderful holiday - would love to see some pics????
  4. what a great story.
  5. whoa! I'd love a vaca like yours! :drool: and yes, pics pls! :yes:
  6. The stock in Stockholm wasn't bad. It is a small boutique in a department store. They did have a Black Togo Kelly (maybe a 32) and a few Evelyn's, Bombay. Basically they had two glass cases with wallets, one double sided glass case with maybe 4 shelves for bags, a glass case for jewelry, 3 for scarves and a small area for belts a few clothes and a few dishes. Not a large boutique but a friendly staff.
  7. Thank you kindly:flowers:
  8. That's what I call a great trip!!! Will you share some pics of your loot with us living vicariously through others ;) ?
  9. Just to clarify, I am not always this crazy. I definitely went a little overboard, especially after buying the watch so I really do have to behave for awhile.

    I tooks some pics but now I have to resize the files. Give me a minute
  10. Here are some pics. I had to keep shrinking the file so hopefully they dont turn out grainy. I wrote on the pictures to keep them from getting stolen and used on eBay. (it's sad we have to worry about such things)
    Smaller File Evelyn.jpg Oranage AZIP smaller file.jpg Belt Smaller File.jpg Rolex Smaller File.jpg
  11. lovely loot!
  12. WOW sounds like a terrific holiday and look what you brought home? AWESOME !!!!
  13. What an amazing and Hermes filled trip! Congrats on all of your stunning new goodies!
  14. WOW what a fabulous trip! and the loot is not bad either!
  15. Woo-hoo! Sounds like you had a marveous shopping trip ... and some sight-seeing too! Love your new additions!