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  1. Hi fellow Coach lovers,

    Just wanted to share my recent outlet experience. DH, kids and I went to a lake resort for the weekend and of course, one of the main attractions is its proximity to an outlet mall. We took time to shop there and during the first day at Coach store, I was just planning to browse since I was trying to save for a Carly this fall. But I saw the Chelsea camel nubuck suede hobo and it was being sold for a mere $139! Regular pricewas $249. I thought it was cheaper than a regular priced Coach wallet! I remember buying the same colored bag (although slightly different style Chelsea) last year and returned it because I was afraid it would be hard to care for. But this time, I thought it was a sign that this bag is for me. I just love the color and style! But the story does not end there. I spotted a white colored bag in the same style but pebbled and the strap was mahogany brown. So the next day, on the pretense of checking out something else, I returned and bought it. I had to walk quite a few blocks to look for our car in the mall parking lot since my DH went shopping elsewhere and I had to beat him to the car to hide it in the same bag as the first one! I could not even show it to my 12-yo daughter as she is quite the "voice of reason" when it comes to shopping! Anyway, here are the pics and although I have to start saving all over again, i thought it was worth it.:wlae:
    chelseasuede.JPG chelseapebbled.JPG
  2. LOL... sounds like me !!!
    *as the Mission Impossible music plays in the background!*
  3. my boyfriend's sister has that in the dark brown. it's really soft, i like touching it. and also fyi, you got a really good deal! my bf's sister bought it maybe a few months ago at the outlet in vacaville for $199! it's still cheaper than the retail price, but you got a really good deal! congrats! :smile:
  4. What great purchases! Our DH's just don't understand our purse obsession & I'm glad that others are as obsessed as I am!
  5. That's funny! You should have seen me perspiring under the heat of the sun, trying to locate where he parked.:sweatdrop:
    I dared not call him and ask! Good thing he mentioned where he was planning to shop.
  6. Good to know that for sure!
  7. You make me feel even better! For a while (just for a very short while), I had some pangs of buyer remorse.
  8. congrats! i love the tan one. the leather is soooo soft.
  9. Congrats -- they're both really cute! And love the mission impossible-like story!
  10. OH those are too cute!!!!
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