my recent small shoe for pix

  1. huge rave for sigerson morrison in terms of comfort, and this new brand that i've never heard off called Leopoldo Giordano, great comfort and funky styles.
    new shoes 009.jpg new shoes 010.jpg new shoes 011.jpg new shoes 004.jpg new shoes 003.jpg
  2. Gorgeous! All of them are amazing. Nice work. hehe
  3. here's an upclose and modeling pix of the leopoldo heels
    new shoes 002.jpg new shoes 001.jpg
  4. thanks, i am really enjoying them too. they are all wearable shoes, very comfortable.
  5. Nice! I like the silver SM. Enjoy!
  6. I love your miu miu pumps!!!!
    Also I have the same pair of Louboutin peep-toes and they are so beautiful.
  7. Congrats...great stuff.
  8. Love every pair! Enjoy!
  9. Good picks.
  10. Beautiful shoes! Love them all :smile:
  11. OO prettyyy!!! Good haul!
  12. Huge RAVE for the Giordano! Nice find! I can totally schlep around NYC in those chic shoes! :tup:
  13. oh yeah, that's my fave pair. the leather is sooooooooooo soft. love the color too.
  14. yeah, the louboutins are gorgoues, they are my most expensive heels ever. but totally worth it.
  15. you've heard of this brand? i can't believe how comfortable they are, totally dont' require breaking into at all. love the funky styles and colors they had. but i'm boooring, so i ended up w/ the blk patent.