My recent shopping spree

  1. That's what I got within a week. OMG 4 pairs! I won't be mean like Catcat (LOL :p) to display just boxes with red bags to tease you.

    1. Pigalle 120 in black patent.
    2. Pigalle 120 in nude patent.
    3. No Prive in nude patent.
    4. YoYo 100 in nude patent.


    I was quite surprised I managed to get the ones I've coveted for ages in London.
    Mind you the prices have increased drastically:
    Pigalle - £310 ($620) in Harrrods, £340 ($680) in Harvey Nichols,
    YoYo - £380 ($760 :nuts:) in Harvey Nichols, No prive - £405 ($810) in Harrods. But anyway I'm a happy bunny because I've everything I wanted (almost :p).
    I think I like the new 100 YoYos more than the original 110 with chunky heel, although the heel is so thin and delicate, I just dread to damage them.
  2. gorgeous!!!
  3. Congrats! You did VERY well! LOL Wow, those prices are insane on the NP and Yoyo, but they will be worth it I'm sure.
  4. Wow. So many beautiful CLs. :drool: Congrats.
  5. when i went to harrods durnig their sale there were virtually no CLs to be had, i'll have to go back now. if nothing else than to find out my various CL sizes!
  6. Beautiful additions, I love evry one of them. I didn't know that they made the yoyo's with a 100 heel, mine are 85 and seem quite low to me (but it's nice to have a shoe you can actually walk in lol...but you're right the heel is really very delicate...careful taking the underground.

    And I am not mean...:p you girls are just too impatient :upsidedown:
  7. Great purchases!
  8. wow! gorgeous!
  9. Lovely shopping spree! I adore all of your nudes! I didn't know CL's were so pricey in London! :nuts:
  10. Gorgeous additions, I love the different styles you chose for the nudes !
  11. Thanks, guys! I'm not 100% sure whether I'll keep the nude Pigalle - it was an impulse buy. But I know they are so rare, I'm pretty sure I could sell them on eBay if I don't want them. They are so beautiful, it's just I can't walk in them. The black patent is a must, so they are definately keepers.

    Catcat - YoYos 100 are quite comfortable, they run TTS. I got them in 37.5. I wouldn't wear them on the tube, just imagined how the heels could get stuck and scratched - my worst nightmare! I need wings to wear these and Pigalles!

    But Pigalles run very large. I got them in 36.5 and I usually wear 37.5-38. No Prive - in 38. It just shows how unpredictable CL sizing is. It's better to try on shoes in the shop to make sure they fit you perfectly. The SA told me that with Pigalle they shouldn't fall of your feet when you walk because it's dangerous - you can have a nasty accident. I argued that I've never worn size 36.5 but they were absolutely right. :tup:
  12. GORGEOUS!!! I love all the nudes!!
  13. You bought absolutely gorgeous shoes!! I am in love with the nude yoyos! If we had the same size I would buy those pigalles off you right away! (But were not, so my wallet thanks you!)
  14. I am in nude heaven!
    So many beautiful shoes!
    I would have to say that your shopping spree was a huge success!!!!!
  15. Fantastic spree!!