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  1. Still trying to upload pictures. What do you girls think?

    Attached Files:

  2. Very different and very cute. I like them!
  3. do u have a modeling pic for the purple flap? it looks really cute!
  4. Hi there, a Lady braid and a Madison? I LOVE The lady braid. Its unique and classy!! Congrats!
  5. Love the colors. Congrats!!!
  6. this is the first time I was able to upload. My daughter taught me how. I love looking at all your pictures, so I hope to share some with you. i just paid full price for the purple bag. does anyone know what season it is? thanks
  7. nice, congrats!
  8. cute, congrats!!
  9. Very cute and sharp colors!!! Congrats!
  10. so so cute! i would love the yellow one! congratulations!! :tup:
  11. adorable
  12. I love the Lady Braid Flap. Great choice!!! Congrats and thanks for sharing with us.
  13. They are so cute!
  14. cute, congrats!
  15. From the photos it looks like the tag is still attached.
    The tag will tell you what season it is from.
    This link will tell you how.

    Lovely purchases