My recent purchases :)

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  1. Even though i feel out of love with Chanel for a while..I still bought the black lady braid flap and the black pochette with the cute chain! :yes::yes:

    Sadly.. the lady braid is going back to the store.. she arrived all bundled in white paper but when i unwrapped it.. the CC in front was in a BAD condition. There were not hairline scratches but big patchy scuffs.. :sad::sad: The gold hardware also had black dots in random places and the leather on the inside of the flap were really wrinkly and old *sobz* :crybaby:

  2. And some modelling pics :yes:





  3. Wow, they are gorgeous!
    So sorry about the Lady Braid Flap though, it looks stunning :crybaby:

    Love your necklace by the way :heart:
  4. Too bad about the lady braid's condition:crybaby:
    - it is such a gorgeous bag!

    Love the pochette too- very cute! :love:

    Both look great on you! CONGRATS!:yahoo:
  5. you are so adorable..................:smile:
  6. How much was your pochette? If you don't mind me asking.... And by the way the necklace and both bags look gorgeous on you!!!!
  7. sorry u have to send the lady braid back, it's cute actually, besides the condition of course:smile:

    love the soft chain pochette.looks cute on u!;)
  8. You take great pics!!!!!!!!!! Both your bags are beauties.
  9. awww they both looked so cute too...I have the lady braid flap and love it--hope you can find another!!!

    Did you find that the lady braid strap part kind of sat funny on your shoulders sometimes? Like I feel like they could have made it more secured so the straps wouldnt move so much...not sure if that made any sense...LOL
  10. You're gorgeous as always Mel....:yes: The bags are wonderful (even the pink denim speedy...:graucho: ) sorry for the flap conditions!!:sad: Are you getting it exchanged or you prefer not to buy it anymore and get something else instead??:idea:
  11. I think i paid $950/$995.. lol i rem there was a 9 and a 5 in the figure :p:p

    Thank u for the compliments! :heart:

  12. HMM.. does your strap move alot? Cos this one seems fixed. It felt a little weird on my shoulders tho.. like the strap sat nicely but made the bag protrude out.. :shrugs:

    I love the lady braid but i suspect this bag was a return and someone might have used it a fair bit and wrapped it up before sending it back.. cos even the magnetic clasp is scuffed beyond words. Not even my MC tote has such scuffed magnetic flap after using it for quite a while! :wtf:

    There is another lady braid available in the store but im passing on that cos its a display piece. I might exchange it for something else.. still undecided on which one :graucho:

  13. Thank you Stefy!! lol u noticed my pink speedy?? it out there cos i took pictures with all of them just before i went out! :p locked myself in the room and started snapping away..

    Im going to exchange for some other bag but im still undecided..... i like Jill's rock and chain hobo but im not sure if i can carry it well.
  14. Thank you all for your kind words!!! :flowers::flowers:
  15. congrats!!!! Sorry about the lady braid, but the pochette is adorable!!!