My recent purchases and Lil' Valentine gift (lots a pics)

  1. so here they are, finally I took some pictures. I have bought these cuties couples weeks ago. I'd love to share them with you all my beloved LV lovers.
    Monogram Marrelle Clutch/pochette & Mussette Short strap ( got it from eBay)

    Damier Azur Cles, A La Folie Ring, Epi Zippy Coin purse in Grenade
    sorry the pic is blurry

    My valentine Gift, and I love it... thanks to you all for your suggestion to get a Zippy:love:

  2. Congrats! :yes:
  3. Love the Azur cles. :smile:
  4. Very nice!! I love the grenade zippy!
  5. Congrats, great purchases! The Epi is TDF!
  6. Love the epi:drool:
  7. Congrats! They are all great. I should post pics...I'm so lazy! Thanks!
  8. they're all pretty!!! congrats!!!!
  9. LOVE your haul, especially the epi zippy wallet. Wish it came in red!
  10. love all yr goodies...:tup::heart:
  11. wow, very nice. :smile:
  12. wow, great haul! congrats!
  13. thank you guys.. i am so happy right now, especially with the Zippy, oh the color is so pretty
  14. love the epi zippy!!
  15. I love everything, what a great haul !!!, I love damier azur too :tup: Congrats