My recent LV purchase

  1. I fell in :heart: with this leopard print scarf when I saw it in San Diego and got lucky and also found the matching Stuart Weitzman leopard high heel pumps. I was so happy to find these shoes in size 5 because I have been looking for a few weeks now. The shoes are really comfy too:love:

  2. Very, very pretty! Ohh, the shoes do look confortable!
  3. Wow! Those shoes are hot! They look great with the scarf. :drool:
  4. Congrats.
  5. Nice!!
  6. That's really FAB :nuts:
    Very nice purchase :yes:
    Congrats and Enjoy!
  7. Congrats! Love the shoes and the LV scarf. Now you just need to select a handbag to match from the Mono Leopard collection. ;)
  8. nice purchase.......congrats
  9. They look very nice!
  10. congrats! yay they match haha :nuts:
  11. Wow! Love it! Matches perfectly! Congrats!
  12. HOT! Congrat's.
  13. Gorgeous purchases!
  14. Those leopard pumps are super hot! Stuart Weitzman shoes are usually comfortable! Love em!
  15. Congrats! They match perfectly!