My Recent "little" purchases! (Nacre, Pivoine)

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  1. Hi all, here's my Nacre bracelet with RGGH!! I do think it has slight grey undertones in real life! :graucho:


    Modelling pic


    And my pivoine iphone case :yahoo:

  2. Omg, they are so cute!! Congrats!
  3. ^^^
    Yes they are really cute and if la6 says it is , it really is. Anyone with an avatar like hers knows what cute is and knows what she is talking about. That doggie flower is the cutest thing in the entire universe. I can't even believe how much this is cracking me up.

    But back to you kuromi. The bracelet is very cool and I love your pink iphone case.
  4. congrats kuromi, Nacre with RGGH looks like a gorgeous combo!
  5. they're beautiful! is it just me or does the nacre look abit like bdr in the pictures? LOL
  6. Those are solo cute! Congratulations!!
  7. Thank you everyone for your sweet compliments :cloud9::hugs:

    moilesmots, no no, it's probably the lightings. hehe . it doesn't look like bdr in real life :P
  8. Congrats! Love the bracelet. :smile:
  9. congrats!
    very cute :heart:
  10. nacre is really really cute on a bracelet and the pivione iphone case is super cute too - many congrats!
  11. Very cute! Congrats!
  12. Both are lovely, congrats & enjoy!
  13. they are both lovely :heart: congratulations!!
  14. cute!! love the phone cases!
  15. yoyo i like the phone case too! congrats!