My recent goodies!! *PICS*

  1. Before I started this forum all I liked was mono, mono and more mono! Nothing else really caught my eye. But seeing all the different types of bags on tpf really made me change my mind! For a variety of reasons it's actually been a while since I have had a new LV bag, but I am making up for it now! :graucho:

    So I would like to show you my latest bags and accesories.....

    (more pics to follow these!)
    giftwrapped speedy.jpg flattened speedy.jpg azur speedy.jpg black mc bandeau.jpg
  2. congrats, both are gorgeous.
  3. Nice purchases!!! Congrats!

    You didn't receive any boxes? :sad:
  4. so pretty, congrats!! :biggrin:
  5. The speedy is so pretty, congratulations and enjoy!
  6. beautiful! Congrats!!
  7. The next bag was quite a challenge to get hold off! I was told lots of diff things from LV and the LV customer service line. Such as that it had to be specially ordered, no longer being made, only one left in the country (which was suppose to be one of London boutiques). So I when I asked (again) at my local boutique and they had one I was so happy! Although the first time I saw it I wasn't that impressed with it... :shrugs: But the second visit, which was with my usual SA I was totally back in LVoe with her :love:
    noe and lvoe carrier bags.jpg epi noe2 resize.jpg inside noe.jpg epi close up lv.jpg epi noe1.jpg
  8. Those are some beautiful purchases you got there.

    Oh gosh, I LOVE the MC bandeau .... it is so stunning.

    Congrats spangle!
  9. a few more pics, hehe!

    John 5 - I got a box with my MC bandeau but not with my speedy. I got the envelope thing. Was slighlty gutted I didn't get a box but hey never mind.

    Thank you for all your lovely comments :flowers:
    epi close up with bandeau resize.jpg epi noe with mc bandeau.jpg epi rivet closeup resize.jpg noe and tyler.jpg group.jpg
  10. ^^^^ Wow, the MC Bandeau looks really gorgeous on the Epi Noe. :drool:

    All so beautiful .... you got great taste.

    Congrats, Congrats, Congrats on all the new LV beauties!
  11. Congrats, love your Azur Speedy.
  12. Ooo everything is so pretty!
  13. oh dear I forgot to add my LVoe bandeau!
    I bought this while in London for a friends wedding. I couldn't go all the way there and not buy anything :graucho:
    None of the SA's understood what I was saying guess my Liverpool accent is stronger then I thought??
    I actually had to point at the LVoe brooch then to my hair and made a little hairband gesture with my hands, before they knew what I was saying!!
    lvoe bandeau copy resize.jpg

  14. Thank you!! Believe me tho I have better taste in bags then I do in clothes! hehe!

    There's actually more but I think the next bag needs her own thread. She's that special!! mmmm what should I do?
  15. You did very well, I especially love that Noe!