My Recent Finds (a.k.a. My Obsession with Green)

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  1. Very pretty bags! Enjoy them.
  2. Gorgeous greens - I love green too - my first Bal was a Sapin City! Congrats on the new house and furniture too!
  3. Lovely!!
  4. Don't apologize, greens made me fall in love with B. in the first place too. They're all lovely!
  5. Gorgeous! You have some beauties!!!
  6. A nice little family. I hope your fiance appreciated your sacrifice.
  7. :heart: your little green family ~ the seafoam is particularly :love:
  8. What an amazing collection. If I could only find a vertdeau day like yours I'd be in heaven! Enjoy the lovely greens
  9. Again, thanks to everyone for their sweet comments :shame:.

    Z&J - I basically had to stalk ebay for the VD Day, as they seem to be hard to come by. Good luck in your hunt, I hope you find one! The leather is amazing, it feels just like the older 04 leather. Yummy!!
  10. Congrats on your new collection and new house!
    They are all beautiful and very summer, enjoy~~~
  11. You have a beautiful collection of all the Balenciaga sea-green colors. I especially love the '04 Turquoise First, it's such a dreamy shade of aqua! :drool:
  12. :smile: You have such a lovely collection! I love that turq 04... It's such a dreamy shade! :love:
  13. so pretty, congrats!!
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