My Recent Finds (a.k.a. My Obsession with Green)

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  1. All of your purchases are stunning but that 04 Turquoise...that's a beauty!!
  2. normally i really don't like green but these colours are so mellow and understated. absolutely gorgeous!
  3. they're lovely!
  4. I love green too! And as long as they make you happy, I think it's worth it to have more than one green bbag!:yes:
  5. I love them all. Light green's from Balen are just beautiful!!!! Thank you for sharing them to us :biggrin:
  6. What a lovely blue-green collection! That Vert d'Eau day is especially droolworthy :drool: :drool: . Thanks for sharing!
  7. They're all soooo gorgeous! Congrats!
  8. Oh, wow, such beautiful bags! Thanks for sharing these!
  9. they look so gorgeous! congrats!
  10. I love your greens! esp the Firsts.
    so pretty. congrats congrats!
  11. so pretty! congrats!
  12. Thank you very much verty, rollergirl, firstclass1 "I", pluiee, Leefi, amiekbs8, laurasjeel, godsavechanel, chinkee21, sasha77, Jira, willowsmom "A", Chesire Cat, Jzlyn, oranGetRee and glossie!! Your compliments mean a lot!!

    The 04 Turquoise is definitely my favorite, and I'm really hoping to add another bag in that color to my collection (hopefully a Twiggy). I had a City but it has gone to a better home :smile:. The leather on my First is sooo buttery, and I love how the brass hardware pops against the color of the leather!
  13. Gorgeous cool green trios!!! CONGRATS!!!
  14. Congrats!
  15. Wow... such lovely rare bags! Love them all especially that turquoise!
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