My Recent Finds (a.k.a. My Obsession with Green)

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  1. Just over a year ago, my fiance and I purchased our first house, so I decided to sell all of my Bbags in order to fund furniture purchases. I only kept my beloved beat-up Seafoam Twiggy. I have recently begun building my collection again, and here are my finds so far:

    04 Seafoam First:


    04 Turquoise First:


    07 Vert D'eau Day:


    My Bbag Family (minus my Seafoam Twiggy):


    I know it seems like a lot of green, but I really do love green and the 04 greens are the colors that really made me fall in love with bbags in the first place. Hopefully in the near future I will be adding more variety to my family :smile:.
  2. i think they're BEAUTIFUL, and they're all gorgeous in their own way, i love them!! and definitely don't think it's a lot of green :nuts:, you should get more!
  3. and congrats on your first house!
  4. I LOVE your collection so far - Those are some of my very favorite colors too! :yes: I am :drool:ing over your light turquoise first.
  5. They are gorgeous! I love green too and have a city seafoam and anis

  6. Lovely collection my dear, you have some of the cutest colors! The turq looks so pretty in your pics, I'm so happy for you! :yahoo:
  7. Your bags are beautiful! The colors are so calming......thanks for posting.:love::love::love:
  8. those colors are awesome.
  9. i love the '04 greens too! There's something very vintage-y about them and I love how neutral they are and will almost go with just about anything.
  10. Thank you so much starrie, Lanier, lovely64, danae, cracker, sasa4 and hellosunshine! I really can't get enough green, as you can see from my wish list in my signature!
  11. i love greens too :drool:

    your picture shows how similar vert d'eau is to turq and how UN-similar it is to seafoam LOL. they are alllll amazing. congrats on your house and your beautiful bbags :yes:
  12. I love them, of course! Great way to start a do-over.
  13. WOW :nuts: I LOVE and ADORE your new 'old' greenish bbag-collection 'L' fashion-.... :tender::yahoo: CONGRATS sweety :flowers: well done :tup::love:

  14. [​IMG]
    she looks brand new!!

    i love your family!! :smile: bal makes such beautiful minty greens.
  15. gooogeous!!! i LOVE all of these three colors!! oh i am so jealous right now!!!
    you you enjoy them!!!!!
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