My recent AW ROCCO purchase from BONANZLE turned out to be FAKE! HELP!!

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  1. I purchased an Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel bag from Bonanzle about a week ago thinking it was the read deal, but my "Made In China" tag turned out to be fake! I didn't know there were so many fakes out there and from what I've seen on the "Authenticate this AW" thread, I KNOW it's fake.

    I think it was an honest mistake from the seller, but regardless, now I'm stuck with a fake bag! I've never had a fake bag and I'm sooooo angry.

    I paid via paypal, and have the Bonanzle user ID, seller's name & address.

    But before I take any action with Bonanzle, I'm going to contact the seller first and see if I have any luck. If I don't hear back from the seller, what do I do to get my money back? HELP!
  2. If seller is uncooperative....

    You can also file a buyer COMPLAINT w/ PP.

    Read this - paragraph 13.5

    You do need to notify bonanzle at

    If the seller is not willing to accept a return/refund, IF you paid w/ a credit card, you may can file a charge back for counterfeit goods w/ your credit card co. Terms vary, so contact you CC co as to their charge back policy.

    You can also check the Bonanzle Fakes thread here on the ebay forum to see if this seller has been reported prior for selling fakes.
  3. Will add this.. IF and WHEN you do return the bag to the seller: insure, online tracking and online signature confirmation so that you can prove the return if need be.
  4. Thank you again, Ellie Mae! I sent a message via Bonanzle to the seller, and sent the same message to the seller's email address. Hopefully everything works out ok.

    Thanks again for your help!
  5. No problem! Holler if you need anything... GOOD LUCK!
  6. I finally got a response from the seller and is willing to give me a refund. But what would be the next step? Do I return the bag FIRST with insurance, online tracking and online signature confirmation like you said? I guess it would make sense rather than asking for the money first. I'm just afraid the seller would receive the bag and won't refund the money.
  7. You should have buyer protection from paypal.. insure the bag w/online tracking

    & online signature confirmation and just take a pic of what you are sending bag so

    the seller can't dispute what he received...
  8. Yes, ship to seller w/ online tracking, ins, online sig.

    You said you paid w/ a CC, so keep all correspondence and proof of shipping/delivery for the CC co. If the seller does not promptly refund, file a CC charge back and offer proof that seller offered refund upon return AND proof of item return.

    Before you ship, call your CC co and explain the purchase, the agreement of the seller to refund upon return, and get their advice as to how they can help you IF seller does not refund and what proof they would need.
  9. I see. Thank you hotshot and Ellie Mae!
  10. I agreed to send back the bag, but the seller seemed to rude! Her sarcastic message makes me soooo angry! :rant: She says the bag's quality is great but if "authenticity is that important" to me, then she'll give the money back. RIDICULOUS.

    But I guess this is expected from a trade like this. :hrmm:
  11. You also REALLY need to apprise BONZ of this fake purchase. They just removed a seller on Bonz a couple of days ago for selling fake AW's.
  12. Please be sure when you send it back to get signature delivery confirmation.
  13. WHAT?! If authenticity is that important? How about you don't advertise something as a designer if it isn't! Who cares how good the quality of a fake is
  14. Yes, I contacted Bonanz about this at the same time I contacted my seller. They were very helpful and responded the next day. They said they would keep the seller from listing any items until this is resolved, and they would help in any way they can. I also contacted me CC co. and I'm waiting on their response.

    I definitely will. The seller has a PO Box as an address but I guess that doesn't really matter. They'll get that little ticket to pick it up at the window and actually sign for it, right?

    EXACTLY!! That made me sooo angry! There are other things she mentioned too, like "lecturing" me about how I shouldn't search for designer items online and expect it to be authentic all the time. UM, WHAT?!! So rude!
  15. Will you please post the seller ID of this person? I would want to know since I buy on Bonanzle a lot also.