My recent acquisitions!

  1. look what came in the mail today!
    i'll have to sell them tho, too small for my use... :sad:
    minitwiggy.jpg miniclass.jpg
  2. How big is the mini Twiggy? And what color is that? It's really cute!
  3. omg i want the 1st one...its gorgeous
  4. 5"h x 9.5"w x 5"d
    it's an 05 turquoise.
  5. i should be getting my turq '05 mini-twiggy on tuesday b/c mine didn't come today. were you thinking of using them as everyday bags???
  6. i thought i could use the mini twiggy as a "running-errands" bag and the mini classique as an evening bag, but both are just too small for me! i love the colours though!
  7. Very cute! Hope they find new homes real soon!
  8. Gorgeous colors! Too bad they are too small though. They are just beautiful!
  9. Fabulous colors! You will not have any trouble finding them new homes!
  10. *sigh* they're both gorgeous colors, especially turq 05! I'm so sorry the size doesn't work out for you...
  11. So Cool!! Geat bags, I am sure they will make someone very happy. I love the colors!
  12. look at that leather... amazing. seriously people! this is what its all about!
  13. yes, the leather is so smooshy! i wish i could keep them, but i can't justify it if i won't use them... :sad:
  14. Wow those are lovely colors. To bad you can't keep them.
  15. I totally understand! I had to go through two sizes (classique and mini twiggy) to find the perfect one!

    it all happens for a reason sometimes! you'll find yours soon!