My Rebecca Minkoff Matinee in Blue/Grey arrived today

  1. I just got my Matinee today. :yahoo:The Blue/Grey with silver hardware combo is gorgeous. :tup:It is so versatile. I love how the leather is so soft on this bag. I ordered two from sample sale and i should be getting the other one within two weeks.:yahoo: I also love the lining on this bag. :yes:
    IMG_3648 (2).JPG IMG_3649 (2).JPG IMG_3653 (2).JPG IMG_3655 (2).JPG IMG_3662 (2).JPG
  2. love the bag nanaz! and I know the leather is realllly soft. I saw the black/blue combo in stores today and almost had to have it, but I'm saving up for when the new bbag colors come out! Coongrats!!! it really is an adorable, great bag
  3. Congrats!! I love it!! Aren't RM's bags the greatest??
  4. Love the silver hardware on that bag! Is the leather on it as soft as the black/blue combination or is more like the Elephant? I'm asking because in the pic of the bag on your arm, your bag looks larger than mine does. I have the Black/Blue combo and my bag looked smaller next to the Elephant because the leather was so different. The leather on the black bag is so soft it causes the bag to collapse & spread out more so it looks shorter. The leather on the elephant was much stiffer so it looked taller (that's actually why I chose the black over the elephant - I loved the color of the elephant, but I couldn't resist the leather on the black/blue). Your bag looks the same shape as the elephant bag did.

    I love how each RM bag looks so different mainly because of the leathers - I didn't realize she used so many different types of leather/hardware!
  5. Wow, such beautiful bags! I may have to try one on again...
  6. The leather on my bag is so soft.:yes: It is not stiff at all. :nogood:I usually carry Balenciaga and i am used to smooshy leather and when i felt the RM leather i had to have on. I took the modeling pics up close and that is why the bag looks larger. I have seen the Black/Blue one in person and my bag is the same size. The pictures really don't do justice to this bag and i wish i had a better camera. :sad:
  7. It's gorgeous! I'm thinking about an RM as my sisters Xmas present.
  8. Really like it a lot! I had an SA track down a blue/gray one for me but it had the gold hardware on it and I would have preferred the silver, so I returned it. The leather was lovely, thick and smooshy. It looks really good with the silver hardware too!! Congrats!!
  9. Congratulations! It's beautiful!
  10. I love the SH too. :yes::tup:
  11. What a beautiful bag! I am seriously thinking of getting a matinee now. Congrats!
  12. Beautiful! Thanks for posting pics.
  13. Thank you ladies.:flowers: I took my pics with flash and the color came out more Grey than Blue. RM calls this color Slate Blue. Here is a picture from that is more accurate.
  14. I just took a picture without flash and i hope you can see the Blue in it.:flowers:
    IMG_3671 (2).JPG
  15. OMG i just found a picture of Jessica carrying the same color bag as mine.:nuts:
    jessicasimpson.jpg 86314372_tp.jpg