My rear-end was kicked last night (some Coach content I swear)

  1. OK.. So I signed up for a Bootcamp Blast fitness class. It's 4 mornings (or nights in my case) of 60 minutes of calisthenics, running, etc. It's run by the guy who trains the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Jay Johnson (he was on the CMT series about the DCC). It kicked my BUTT!!!! I thought I was going to die. So I limp home last night and DH says are you going back tomorrow night (which is now tonight)? I say "If I can finish the four days, can I get a reward?" (hoping he'll say I can at least get a Bleeker wristlet) and he says "Yea, you can rest Fri night." Poopy-head DH! :boxing:
  2. hehhee...

    If you finish two weeks, can you move up to a handbag?:nuts:
  3. I wish this hadn't been moved. I did put some Coach content and as I primarily spend my time in the Coach forums, I wanted to talk to my girls (and guys) there...:sad:
  4. OMG Jay seems soo intense! I'd be too intimidated to even try! Good for you!! :boxing:

    I think you deserve a new bleeker wristlet for sure! :tup: :yes:

    ps I saw that this had been moved so I came to find you! haha!
  5. Tues wasn't so bad but getting out of bed Wed am was torture. I was SO sore! I am a bit sore today but not as bad! One more night. Thanks for coming to find me :flowers:
  6. I am a coach girl and your post cracked me up!
  7. Oh I've seen the advertisements for a boot camp in my area. I definately want to do that after the baby to shed the extra pounds!!
  8. HAHA! Ive been thinking about getting a personal trainer, and THAT scares the crap out of me-let alone BOOTCAMP! lmao! You go girl!!
  9. LOL!! Love it and great job!! :wlae::boxing: