My real loves

  1. These are my babies:

    Thomas Magnum, Sula and Dante Jones. There all poodles and rescues found on! Thomas is my red mini poo-he is two this April, he was thrown away by a bad breeder. Sula is my cream toy, she is eight and taken is a puppymill seizure and was very sick and had cancer. Dante is my black toy, he is 12 and was dropped off at a pound by his "family". I have had Dante for about 2 months now, adding a third dog was too easy, especially working at a vet clinic makes it even more so. Who said man's best friend?

    sula baby.jpg black boi poo.jpg lil tm.jpg
  2. Cute! What kind of cancer did she have? Is she Ok now?
  3. They're all lovely! It's great to hear from someone with a genuine interest in taking care of her pets. Most people will want to get rid of them after they outgrow the cute puppy stage. And that's a horrible thing to do!

    Kudos to you for caring for these pups!
  4. Aww, I love them all but Thomas can have my :heart: anyday.
  5. It's really awesome to hear about rescued dogs!! And they are so darn cute! Thanks for sharing!
  6. Aww, they are adorable. I am glad you rescued them, I am sure they are too. :smile:
  7. They are all adorable!! :love:
  8. So cute!!

    What lucky pups!!

    You are awesome for rescuing them! :smile:
  9. I think it's great that you have given them a lovely home. You're like me I would just take in any animals no matter how many.My husband thinks I care more about my dogs than him;)
  10. Bless your heart,your doggies are adorable.
  11. What a lovely family!
  12. Bless your loving heart for giving these cuties a forever home!
  13. They are adorable! Thank you for giving them a loving home.
  14. :yahoo: YAY for you--it's so great that you took those angels in!

    They are absolutely adorable!!!
  15. aww! so cute! my pups name is Thomas also!