My Razr phone fits into the mono cles!!!

  1. Just wanted to let every one know that the razr phone DOES fit in the mono cles!!! :wlae::yahoo:So for those who are on the fence about it.... if you have a slim phone, its worth it!! Now I love my cles even more!!! I can fit my phone, DL, gym card, and CC inside with my keys hanging outside of it!! It's the perfect grab and go!!! Its a snug fit but hey! it works! :woohoo:

    (BTW, when I first bought the cles a few months ago I had tried to fit it in but it wouldn't fit, I guess because the canvas was stiff since it was new at the time. But now, after about a month or so of use.... it fits!!!)
  2. really? I have a razr phone too and it doesn't fit in my mom's mono cles :sad: lol weird. I'll have to try again.
  3. can we see pics when you have the chance? i wanna see how big the cles gets with all the stuff in it!:yes: thanks!
  4. i have tried and tried to fit my razor into my cles and it wont budge...

    pics please!!!!!!
  5. ^ I'll take pics over the weekend (or maybe tonight) and post. I'm on work computer right now.

    Unless your cles is new. That's odd that it doesn't fit. When I first got mine... I think the razr was the first thing I tried to fit in it but it wouldnt fit so I gave up. I've been using the cles maybe about a month with only 4 cards and some cash in it -so its not like im stretching it by overpacking and I was out with my sister and she somehow managed to stuff her razr in! I was amazed! It takes some effort to get it in and out but overall not THAT much, it takes me more effort to get my skinny jeans on. :lol:
  6. i have sony ericsson S500i, jus wondering whether can fit it in mono/damier cles? any idea ?
  7. Pics pretty please
  8. Oh that is cool.
  9. hmmm really, I never even thought about doing that, I'd have to try that ... thanks for the info!
  10. Oh wow! My mono cerise cles has been neglected. Will see if my razr fits in it!
  11. I just tried this.. yes it does fit, but it is a really tight squeeze and I doubt I'd get it out fast enough to pick up the phone !

    My cles is rather old, so that could be why it seems to be able to hold it.

    Here are some pictures.. :yes:



  12. Wow! it does fit! Here's a pic...Kinda snug though
    cles with razr 2.JPG
  13. My Damier Cles i just got last weekend. It fits my Samsung SGH U600 perfectly. I can still have my CC in it.
  14. if u want a razr cles, the perfo one works perfectly IMO. because its slightly larger. it aslo helps if u have a charm or hand strap attached to your phone and you hang that outside the cles. When your in a hurry and answer the phone if you tug on this the phone should come out quickly. did that make sense?
  15. now that we can fit our phones into the cles i'm even more excited about getting one!!!

    ayla! your cellie charm is SUPER cute where did you get that?!