My random, broke grad student shoe collection.

  1. Hey guys, I took all these pictures a couple weeks ago and have just now gotten a chance to post. They are pretty much ALL non-designer but they made me smile at whatever moment I first saw them so they came home with me.:girlsigh:
    3173.jpg 3175.jpg 3176.jpg
  2. My favorite heels, trying to acquire the other color but I think they're all gone. Very comfy
    3029.jpg 3030.jpg 3042.jpg
  3. tweed tommy hilfiger and group pics
    3043.jpg 3038.jpg 3039.jpg 3040.jpg 3041.jpg
  4. another of the tweed, my mary jane docs, and my new nine west ballerinas
    3045.jpg 3048.jpg 3047.jpg 3044.jpg 3046.jpg
  5. Nine west patent leather square toe, steve madden sweater shoes (love these), anne taylor sandals, and nine west strappy heels
    3049.jpg 3050.jpg 3051.jpg 3052.jpg 3053.jpg
  6. other pics of the brown nine west
    3054.jpg 3055.jpg 3056.jpg 3057.jpg 3060.jpg
  7. I just realized I forgot to take close ups of my red peep-toes. I'll be back with them
  8. I am in LOVE with your paisley-ish ones! Where did you find those??
  9. I like your shoe collection. I assume you are a laid back girl with eyes for details.
  10. Ditto! :supacool:
  11. your collection is very versatile!
  12. I love your shoe collection. I'm looking forward to seeing your red peep toes when you post them too.
  13. Nice collection!
  14. I found the paisley ones at the nine west store in the mall. I think they are called CAY. They also come in blue and I have been looking all over for them but can't find them. They are DEF my fav pair. And i love the fact that the way they cut the fabric, they're all different. I had the lady bring out four different pair because I wanted more white on it LOL
  15. Here ya go! Red peep toe and friends. Sorry it took me so long, school has been crazy. Please excuse my toenails, usually much brighter.:p
    3194.jpg 3195.jpg 3196.jpg 3197.jpg