My rainbow only has 1 shade

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  1. This season has been very tough on me. My new year resolution to stay away from Chanel went out the door the minute the first Fushia Lamb reveal was made by all the lovely TPFers. I didn't think I need another pink bag but this colour was just TDF.

    When I got to the boutique, something else caught my eye. The red jersey flap. It's so beautiful and vibrant, plus almost 30% cheaper than the leather flaps. Tough choice...


    Or lamb???


    Of course without a doubt, lamb wins hands down! I'm a lamb lover and how can I resist this Fushia?

    Here is a family portrait of my single shade rainbow flaps.

    I do admit I was attracted to the jersey flaps. The red and orange were so fresh and vibrant. The sad thing was this version of jersey is very fuzzy (almost wool like) unlike my 2006 jersey eastwest. Can just imagine the nightmare of keeping this bag clean.

    Now I'm officially on ban till .... 😄
  2. Beautiful bags! Congrats!
  3. Love your rainbow!!! I am a sucker for pink too!!!! Congrats
  4. Congrats on your fuchsia lamb m/l classic flap!!! This makes me want this colour even more... if only the fuchsia lamb minis would arrive...
  5. Congrats! Glad you picked the fuchsia lamb.
    This bag made me come off my ban this season too. She's Defintely worth it! Enjoy :smile:
  6. So happy you decide to pick the fuchsia lamb!! So pretty and yummy!! Looks fab on you! Your rainbow flaps are TDF!!!! Congrats!
  7. Oh i just cant resist the pale pink flap....
    They are beautiful!
  8. Gorgeous gorgeous collection! All my favorite colors! Congrats :cloud9::love:
  9. Congratulations on your fuchsia m/l beauty! She fits in beautifully with your other Chanel pink flaps!
  10. Congrats on your fabulous fuchsia! You chose the right one to fit with your lovely pink rainbow! Such beauty in one photo!!!
  11. was hoping you would pick the lamb!!! it is a beauty! congrats :smile:
  12. The red is so beautiful, but you're right. Cleaning that would be crazy. Good choice!
  13. Hands down best decision going with the fuschia!!!!congrats to you!!!!
  14. Congratulations on your gorgeous fuchsia lamb - she is stunning! Thanks for sharing the pics.
  15. Love your rainbow!! Congrats!! :smile: