My rainbow have arrived.... Please allow me to share....

  1. Woohoo..... I just receive my rainbow... They are sooo pretty.... Thank you for letting me share.... Thank you very much for all the advices from you ladies... :heart::yahoo::heart::yahoo:
    IMG_2113.JPG IMG_2115.JPG IMG_2116.JPG
  2. Congrats Luvpurse! They are so pretty!
  3. CONGRATS luvpurse!! :yahoo:
  4. Luvpurse, do you mind posting at the current prices thread?
  5. beautiful..I love the blue of the piccolo!!
  6. Compact Wallet Bearn - $1525
    CC Case - $570
    Le 24 coin purse - $300
    Piccolo Pencil Case - $395

  7. congratulations!!!
  8. Okay, I'm having fun taking pictures with all these colorful leather goodies!!!
    IMG_2118.JPG IMG_2120.JPG
  9. Congrats!! You need something in fuchsia to make the rainbow colors pop up even better :biggrin:
  10. Beautiful! Looks like you're a fan of chevre.
  11. So gorgeous! Great colours, congratulations!
  12. That is a stunning collection, you must have such a thrill looking into your Birkin, I bet you can't stop handling and sniffing everything! It makes me happy just looking at it, thanks for posting. My favourites are the picolo and the cc case. Thanks for posting prices too, it's very helpful, I think I could be very tempted my that cute change purse:
  13. So pretty! Taste the rainbow! :lol:

    ...but, don't! Not really! That stuff is TOO nice to eat!
  14. The colors are all so deep and yummie. Congrats, they are all gorgeous!!
  15. Very pretty! I love your rainbow!