My Rafe Maggie Tote is Here....Love It/Don't Love It

  1. Well, my Rafe Maggie Tote finally arrived. This bag is gorgeous. The leather is TDF! It's so soft and smooshy....I found myself just stroking it over and over. It's also very light and looks like it can hold a ton! I took some pics, modeling pics, and also tried to get a closeup of the leather.

    Now the sad part...I'm not keeping it. The color is supposed to be grey. And it looks like more of a slate on the eBags website. But in person (as well as Nordstrom) it has brown undertones and is much more like a Taupe. I have a ton of brown/tan/beige bags...which is why I was looking to expand my color scheme. So I guess I will stay on the lookout to see if maybe this comes in other colors in the future? Right now they only have brown and grey. I'm so sad. But if this color (or brown) is for you...go get it, it's a fabulous bag!!!
    RafeFront.jpg RafeShoulder.jpg RafeCLoseup.jpg RafeCloseup2.jpg
  2. The pic on the left is from the eBags website and the pic on the right is in my home. See what a big difference in the color?
    RafeMaggie.jpg RafeMaggieTote.jpg
  3. Aww, that's too bad. It's such a pretty bag, too! How they get away with calling that color gray, I'll never know.
  4. Pretty bag, but you're right, it isn't gray.

  5. Ohhh.... that is gorgeous! I love the color too.... it almost looks lavender/grey!
  6. The bag is so cute, but I see what your saying about the color. It doesn't look gray at all! Sorry to hear, but it's still a great looking bag. I hope you find what your looking for : )
  7. Yes, don't get me wrong everyone, it is a BEAUTIFUL bag...just not the color I am looking for right now. :sad: I kept trying to talk myself into it, but the color is just not for me.
  8. Love the style but I agree that the color pictured is more appealing than the color you actually got!
  9. totally not grey, but its soooo pretty on you :yes:
  10. aawww it's too bad...but yeah you're right. I like the gray one better. Hope you find a gray one very soon!!!! Post pics when u do. ;)
  11. Oh.... I like this bag! But sure enough, the IRL color is quite different than the one on their website. I cannot believe they only make one color of a bag. :sad:
  12. No they make two: Grey which is really Taupe, and it also comes in Brown, which I definitely don't need any more brown bags. But if it ever comes in a true grey like slate or charcoal or black....I'll be all over it!
  13. Wow what a difference in pics! It's a really pretty bag but def. not grey.Sorry you have to return it:sad::sad:
  14. Great bag and looks fantastic on you--but NOT grey! It would be so beautiful if it were the color pictured on ebags.
  15. It's still a gorgeous bag! It stinks that the color was so different from what was shown on the website though.