My Radiant and Ravishing RED flap from 12A!!!!

  1. Thank you ccloverforever!
    Thank you, it's a great one to have!
    Hi Jujubay, thanks! Are you shopping around for a red? This one is just yummy!
  2. Thank you, I agree with you, Serrazane! In my mind, this has to be the best red ever! :smile:
    Hi lallybelle, I think I saw the same little pic that you and bluekit saw :smile:. I was so hopeful and got nervous at one point that it wouldn't be that bright and would have more of a wine tone to it. But I was elated when I received it. No orange tone, no wine/burgundy color, just a fascinating, saturated red:biggrin:!
  3. It's beautiful and looks SO nice on you!! :love: I just adore medium flaps! :girlsigh: Congrats on Miss Red and enjoy her! :smile:
  4. WoW! :drool: dis CoLoR of ReD jAs tOoK my BrEaTh AwAy :loveeyes: it makes me wana JaS CaLL my Sa 2 OrDeR it :thinking::love:
  5. Nice to know that there are medium lovers out there. So many pfers prefer the jumbo. This is my first medium and it completes my collection size wise except a maxi which I am not interested in. I think the medium is so perfectly elegant and just classic. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the tip on what to look for, bluekit. You are right, the medium is boxier than the jumbo which appeals more to me, though I would be just as happy with a jumbo red! I am just waiting on my SA to check out other medium reds that she may get in the store week...I think it's an iridescent caviar, soft leather condition because my medium wrinkles (on the upper front of the flap) a bit when I lift up the flap. She said that is somewhat nature of the flaps, which I have known, but it appears that mine wrinkle a bit more than I would like. My jumbo caviar doesn't do it at all, my lamb mini does just a touch. If all of them are like this across the board, then I will keep this but if there are wrinkle free ones, then I will just swap out. Other than that, I cannot wait to carry this baby around!!! Thanks for listening and I hope you are rocking that awesome boy around town! :supacool:
  7. Wow Peonies, I am in love with your new red bag! OMG, it is the perfect shade of red. I have some questions, since you probably did quite a bit of research for this on your quest for the perfect bag... Do you know if this comes in gold hardware? I can't tell if that is what you have from the pics posted. Also, while I find the m/l to be the perfect size for this, I am just curious if you happen to know if they are making this color in a woc? Thanks again for all your help!
  8. does this come in GHW?
  9. I was offered a jumbo or a medium and I opted for the medium based on this entire thread. Thanks again for all of your posts!!!
  10. Congrats on your pretty bag. I love the color. Wear in good health.
  11. No problem! :biggrin: Good luck in finding the perfect Ms. Red for you...if it's not already in your hands.
  12. Love that red:woot:
  13. I am. I found one but wasn't sure if I wanted the m/l or jumbo. After seeing your, I'm set on the 12A in jumbo.
  14. I love m/l size, it's the perfect size for this shade of red because I have this exact same bag :smile:. I think a jumbo is just too much color. m/l size bag is perfect to wear day or night with a punch of color.
  15. Hi wanxia, this particular red caviar is done only in SHW. I would definitely have gotten a GHW if it was available.