My quilted moka Bay has arrived!

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  1. I only ordered it on Saturday morning and it arrived today! It's absolutely gorgeous, I am so pleased with it. The girls at the Sacoche boutique are fab, I would recommend them to anybody.

    Now the only problem is I can't seem to load the piccies - I keep getting a message saying the KB size of the photos is too big. Can anybody help with this? I got the same problem when I tried to show piccies of my whiskey Paddie. I'm desperate to show her off!
  2. Right has this worked.....?

    Bag side.JPG

    Bag front.JPG

    Bag back.JPG
  3. Yes! Got there in the end!
  4. Congrats your baby is gorgoues!

    What else did they have on sale?
  5. :tup: CONGRATS!!! I love my moka quilted bay!!!

    Is gorgeous :heart:
  6. It's lovely!! Congrats. This is definitely my favourite bay style :girlsigh:
  7. Well I only asked about their quilted Bays, and they had the one I bought and a large quilted black Bay.

    I've got their e-mail address and phone number if you want to contact them.
  8. Omg that's too gorgeous, it looks so yummy in that colour :drool::drool: ....Makes me want to buy more quilted bays, my ivory one is so lonely! :push: Congrats & enjoy!
  9. I love your Bay! Congrats!!! :yes:
  10. What a stunning bag--congrats!!
  11. I just spoke with one of the girls from sacoche and she will be emailing me some pics shortly. She said that they still have the medium and large quilted bays, in ecru and tan i think. If you are interested, i can post some pics as soon as i get them!:p
  12. I would definitely recommend their service - as I mentioned before, I ordered the bag on Saturday and received it on the Tuesday morning. Fab.

    Keep us posted of any purchases!
  13. OMG how could u find tht? I thought it was sold out everywhere? :drool:

    Super gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!
  14. *sigh* it's delicious.
  15. congrats!! :biggrin: