My Quilted Bay is Here!

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  1. :yahoo: :yahoo: Following my post yesterday, I just this minute picked up my new Quilted Bay in Moka from my mail depot! OMG it is gorgeous girls!! :sweatdrop: :drool: I have to dash and eat now but will be back in an hour with more details and hopefully some pictures :yes: Watch this space...............
  2. congrats!!
  3. Omg! Pics Pics Puhleeeeeeeze Post Pics!
  4. Congrats!!! .....please eat *lol* ...and then POST PICTURES!!!! *lol*
  5. can you eat any faster lol

    we are dying here :nuts:

    I am just so excited, I really need to get out more :biggrin:
  6. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  7. Bal thats been 30 mins since you posted - how long does it take to eat!!:p
    How can you possibly think of eating at a time like this anyway!!!!

    C'mmon we are dying dying dying!

    Pics pics pics pics
  8. What is it that you are eating for dinner??? hee hee - cos none of us here can eat until we see...

    You do know that you will be the first to post real pics and thats a real honour so...

    GET A MOVE ON!!!:heart: :heart: :heart: :yahoo:

    oh I could crush a grape!!
  9. Awww girls, my camera is useless in the dark (it's night time here in UK)! The pics are coming out terrible! I need daylight :sad: :crybaby:
  10. Bal we will be dead by daylight!
  11. hee hee
    rubbish piccies are just fine! we are just desperate to know everything, lining, how it opens, whats inside what you think!!!!!!
  12. yeah give us something - details, thoughts anything!

    Gosh Chloe B are we sounding really desparados!!

    20th Feb - note to self "Must get a life"
  13. Hang on then I will upload the best pics I have. Tomorrow I will take much better, daylight pics I promise :yes:
  14. thanks honey :biggrin:
  15. woo hoo - all eyes to the screen!

    I think I have finally lost it girls!