My Qee lost it's head!!!! OH MY


Has you Qee ever lost it's head?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. My worst nightmare came true- I looked at my bag and my Qee lost it's head. Luckily, the head was in my car but I am not sure the best way to handle this.

    1) glue head back on and risk losing it again...or
    2) just take the Qee off and be thankful at least I have it

    Has this happened to anyone?:sad:
  2. Yes, it has happened to a few members here lol. Some have even lost arms. LOL. I think they glued it back, yes.

    Honestly, if it happened to me I'd just throw it away. I think it's butt ugly anyway -- unless it was meomi.
  3. I wonder if it's one batch of qees that have this problem or if all of them have the potential to lose their heads/limbs easily. The head of my SIL's qee was popped off by her 3 yrs old son, so I don't let him touch my qees anymore. hehe.
  4. My qee on my Spiaggia lost a leg. :sad: I don't know how or where or I would have glued it back on.
  5. glue it or get another keychain. its... just a keychain
    plus they come with every bag, not that its a rare to find plastic bear.
  6. My Qee's head came off, too! Thing is, I don't know when or when it came off. :sad: I emailed LeSportsac + they sent me a replacement Qee. It doesn't hurt to ask. :yes:
  7. I lost one of my qees (not because of heads or limbs falling, but because I lose things easily). I just use a qee from one of the other bags I'm not using that day.
    I think contacting lesportsac for a new key is also a good idea.
  8. haha, yesterday i was bored in the car and started twisting the leg of my qee and it fell off >_>; i just put it back on though lol
  9. mine too! poor meomi. i have a one-legged regular qee on my pirata zucca too.. i guess i play too rough with them :p

  10. Havent lost a head but mine lost its arm on my way to japan :sad:
  11. but.. the qee's arms and legs and heads are all detachable. i came across qees a while back in europe and a few friends of mine bought some without knowing what it was. the body parts all come off but they had to pull it apart. LOL.

    just glue it back on. :yes:
  12. i've never lost a head or body part but the qee on my inferno bv is pretty beat up. it has a lot of paint chipping off
  13. well one of my qees lost a hand ..not the arm lol