My Python Silverados!!

  1. Hi everyone,
    Today I came home and had a package from Bloomingdale's waiting for me. I was a little suprised since I hadn't ordered anything from there. I opened it...and to my surprise...there was a BLACK PYTHON SILVERADO from my MOM!!! I have the best mom in the whole world!! Here are pics of my new python along with my older one in muscade :drool::drool:
    black python silverado.JPG black python silverado 2.JPG python silverados.JPG python silverados 2.JPG
  2. That's a great mom!
    I have a great mom as well......she's buying me a chloe of my choosing!:yahoo:
  3. they're both gorgeous!! how sweet of your mum :smile:
  4. I am NOT a Silverado person except when it comes to a python Silverado and especially a black PYTHON Silverado. Wowzers I love your mom!!!!!!!
  5. Holy cow, today needs to go down in the history books as a GREAT day for you!! What an amazingly pleasant surprise!

    Your bag is beautiful! Congrats and enjoy! (And tell your mom she's awesome!):heart:
  6. python sisters! yeah! the black looks beautiful. i have a muscade python silverado as well and am in love with it. what a great mom!
  7. what a nice mom you have!!! It is gorgeous!
  8. What a great mom!! And what a beautiful bag!! My birthday is coming is your mom open to adopting another daughter? ;)
  9. They're both gorgeous!!:love:
  10. lovely bags:heart:
  11. :nuts: WoW~ What a great mom!!! Congrats on your new silverado!!!

    Gorgeous :tup:
  12. How lovely! Congrats on your new bag! :yahoo:

    I'd love a Black Python Silverado.......... :heart:
  13. Thanks everyone! I will definately enjoy my new purse and yes I do have the BEST mom in the world!! :yes:
  14. WOW!!!

    Do you need a sister :graucho:

    Your black silverado is TDF!!! CONGRATS!
  15. What a great mom. I have a silverado python too, in natural.