My Python Betty is stuck in customs here!

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  1. Has anybody ever had a python stuck in customs here? (Memphis, TN) I understand that they have to "clear" it through the "Fish and Wildlife" customs as well as the regular customs.
    I am really down about's been there for 5 days and just today the paperwork went to the "Fish and Wildlife" people. I bought it from a lovely seller from the UK, who probably wrote "leather handbag" and they wanted to know what kind of leather. After that, it took on a life of it's own. I'm tracking it on Fedex, and the Fedex people are very nice, but I guess this can't be hurried.
    This Betty is so beautiful too, the caffe python in the large size. :sad:
  2. You need a CITES certificate to Import Python...
  5. As far as I know it doesn't matter who is importing or exporting the python bag! Anyone can apply for a CITES certificate.

    To be honest they can pretty much do anything at this point, but hopefully they will give you a chance to obtain the CITES certificate....

    You need to talk to fedex customs brokerage to see whats going on...they should be intouch with US customs and Fish and Wildlife...
  6. I wonder why sites such as ebay don't mention this. The CITES certificate asks for info that only a manufacturer would know. Some used bags are years old, (this one is four) and there is no way of knowing all of the info that is asked. Does the buyer AND the seller need this certificate, or only one of them? Fedex seems helpful, but so far customs is just looking at this, and hasn't decided anything. Could they send it on because they see it's a used item?
  7. They can pretty much do anything at this point but hopefully they just pass it on or give you chance to rectify the situation.
  8. With Python and other 'exotics' its always wise to check your countries requirements and regulations.
  9. oh dear! i hope you get this sorted!