My PUSH Present Reveal....

  1. My long awaited "push present" has arrived from it's far away destination.

    Although it is not Braise Croc, it is something I have wanted just as much for a VERY,VERY,VERY long time. It was made possible by a wonderful long distance angel who I am very extremely grateful to.

    The first hint....The carpet matches the drapes (or in other words, the color matches the box lol).....
    KD1.jpg KD2.jpg
  2. OOOhhhh!!
    F5!! F5, F5...
  3. F5 !!! Eli looks so cute with the box!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Oh boy - this is gonna be great!!!
    Elijah is sooooo cute - orange will be his favorite color - lol
  5. OMG!!! E!!! Elijah is PRECIOUS!!!:tender: Can't wait to see what he is guarding!!!:graucho:
  6. Your son is darling E!
    I cannot wait to see what is in this v. big box -- get a move on it!!:yes:
  7. Reveal! Reveal! Reveal!
  8. :nuts: Can't wait to see what you received!

  9. [​IMG]
  10. OOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhh......I love it!!

    You got one!!!!!!!!!!

    OH, Japster, I am so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You have wanted this for so long!!!!!!!!!!
  12. hurry hurry!!!
  13. A Kelly Doll?
  14. ^^Isn't it cute!!!! I've only seen it in magazine pictures!!!!!!C'mon Japster, wanna see, wanna see!!!!! Did it come from Japan??
  15. :popcorn: