my purses - - - maybe it'll work now?

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  1. here are my purses! i'm going to attach each pic in a separate post so it's not too many thingamajigs. enjoy!!

    first are my coaches. :heart:
  2. here are my longchamps!! :wlae:
  3. here are my assorted totes!! :nuts:
  4. here are my lesportsacs!! :rolleyes:
  5. aaaaand my other ones, vera bradleys and some i got from europe. :yes:
  6. very cute! thanks for sharing
  7. Great collection! thanks for sharing.
  8. great collection !
  9. Cute, thanks or posting them!
  10. I LOVE the Coach optic in brown/silver!!!:love: Great collection!
  11. Holy multiples! Very colorful collection!
  12. thanks for all the kind comments!! it makes me sad not to have as many as others, but i love what i have.

    here's the marc by marc jacobs core satchel i got for hanukkah!!
  13. nice collection
  14. Very nice :smile:
    Love the polo tote
  15. Nice collection!