My purse straps wont stay on my shoulder?

  1. I have a coach purse and it's straps keep on falling off my shoulder. It falls off almost immediately. I love the purse and i dont want to return it and i dont like the messenger bags :/

    i know you can hold onto the strap but i dont want to do that all the time and if i have soemthing to hold, i can't keep on holding onto the purse strap.

    i really dont know what to do now, i just love this purse!! :crybaby:

    any help would be really appreciated. :yes:
  2. I like this question.
  3. some bags just don't stay on the shoulder and there's no way to fix it. it drives me nuts and i end up not using the bag.
  4. It depends on how much you love the bag as you might have to adapt the strap. I hate bags that keep sliding or rolling but I have been thinking... If you are going to always keep the bag and never pass it on, you could adapt it to suit yourself. What is the strap like? Is it rolled or a thin strap? You could tie a few elastic/rubber bands around a rolled strap and you could make something like what you get on a large sports bag for a thin strap.
  5. It drives me mad. I end up not using them
  6. I just remembered that my Perry came with this extra leather piece for the shoulder strap. (at least that is what I use it for, please someone tell me if it is for some other purpose if I am wrong)

    getting back to the problem, Bag2beautyEvrae mentioned that if we were to adapt our bags, well, do you think a cobbler could make something like this piece and semi-attach it to the shoulder strap?
  7. Is this a Coach Carly by any chance?? shoulder slippage issues is a major complaint about that bag, a lot of girls have come up with an answer for the slipping issue if you search the forums a little bit :smile:
  8. It has been suggested to use Dr. Schoals clear heel pads to stick to the inside of your strap - there are pics of this in the Coach forum and some girls have had great results. Might be worth a try. :smile:

  9. Ahh, you have my full attention now as this is one of my handbag pet peeves. There have been many bags I don't buy or I return because the shoulder strap is slippy or uncomfortable on me. I have narrow (and apparently very sensitive :roflmfao: :wtf:) shoulders . I personally wouldn't bother going through the expense and annoyance of trying to adapt a bag as there is no guarantee this will work. Either (unlike me) you are the type of person who can learn to live with it, or you get rid of it before it drives you nuts. Sorry, I wish I had a more positive feedback for you as you really love that bag. :s
  10. This was posted exactly the same time I made my post... wow, I never thought of such a thing. You TPF'ers are very resourceful! OP should look into this!!
  11. Funny you brought this up... I was just complaining about this in the Miley Cyrus/silverlake thread.

    I've found that any bags with straps made of fabric or smooth and/or slick leather slide off my shoulders. Also, straps that are too wide tend to slide off as well. For me, this is because my shoulders naturally slope down.

    So, I've resolved to buying purses with the following kinds of straps:

    1. Suede straps (like those on my new purse ;))
    2. Straps that are short enough that the purse is pinned under my arm (like on my Foley + Corinna city)
    3. If fabric or smooth leather, narrow straps can work if you have enough in your bag weighing it down
    4. Or, forgo the tote/hobo style altogether and get a chic messenger.

    Good luck. I totally am with you--I hate how much this strap problem narrows down my handbag choices!
  12. I feel like a total noob. I have always owned shoulder bags with 1 long adjustable strap so since I have being buying new bags for a little over 2 months, I have been learning how to hold the different styles. I know it sounds daft as a woman of 39 is learning how to carry a grab bag. Any way, I dont have so much the problem of slippage, more a problem of pain in the bend of my elbow where the straps have been resting. It gets really painful as Im not used to carrying a bag that way. Them gel heel pads would be great for slippage, or some of that grip stuff you buy on a roll.
  13. You could bring back the 80"s and start wearing big shoulder pads. LOL! Remember the old tv shows, Dallas or Dynasty - I'll bet their bags never slipped of their shoulders!

    Seriously though, I have more problems with double-handled bags, one strap always seems to slip down and flop off my shoulder at some crazy angle. So now, even though I've got broad shoulders I prefer single- wide-flat-strap bags.
  14. Cross one strap over the other. Works for me.
  15. Buy Prada. They know how to design ergonomic shoulder straps. Works for me. :supacool: