My Purse Schedule

  1. I put myself on a schedule so that way I use all my bags. Before this schedule I found myself rotating between the same few bags and many of my older purses were not getting any love anymore. Now I am trying to not repeat until I have used all 26 of my bags. Then I will start over.

    Unless I am going somewhere special this is my schedule.

    Mon & Wed - I use Gucci
    Tues & Thurs - I use Coach
    Fri, Sat & Sun - I use LV :yahoo:

    Today, was the first time I did not change my purse since I rushed out to take my dog to the vet this morning. (he is okay) Changing my purse was not a high priority so I am using the same Gucci as yesterday. But otherwise I have not repeated a purse since I started my schedule. I just wish I could stick to a diet this well.
  2. Sounds good, I'm using all of my bags now also. Gretchenscloset inspired me stop neglecting some of them. Btw, I'm with you on the diet thing!
  3. What a great idea
  4. I like your idea of a schedule. I have 10 bags I need to rotate.
  5. LOL!! great idea!
  6. I think is a good idea.... I have bags I have not used in years, But what if on a particular day, the bag that is on your scheadule doesn't coordianate your outfit? umm.
  7. ^Then you switch with another bag in the schedule.
  8. Change your outfit? :graucho:
  9. I actually change my bags based on the outfit I'm wearing, lol. Sounds silly, but actually works quite well. I'll look in the mirror and be like, hmm this bag or that bag could work. And then see how the bags look with the outfit and pick one.

    Okay, so maybe I'm just a bag dork :shame:
  10. Don't worry, I do the exact same thing. Why carry a fabulous bag that doesn't go with your outfit?!
  11. In the summer I change bags often because I coordinate them with my outfit. But in the fall and winter, my bags are more basic, I guess.
    I also follow a schedule. I change to a different bag every Saturday morning, and carry it all week. Of course, I will make adjustments if needed!
    I hang my bags on my closet door in the order of rotation, so one does not get missed. Right now I have 9 fall/winter bags.
  12. :okay:
  13. I thought most people did this.

    Many of my bags can go with an outfit.
  14. You would be surprised! I see PLENTY of women that stick to the same bag everyweek, no matter the color, pattern, or material! I think some women just wear designer bags to show off & not neccessarily because it looks good.

    You won't catch me wearing my checkered bag with polka dots!
  15. ^^
    Totally agree!!! I swear some women don't look in the mirror. I coordinate my bags with my outfits. If it doesn't look good, I don't care how much I paid for it...I'm not wearing it with that outfit!