My purse keeps sliding off my shoulder :(

  1. Hey everyone!! I just bought my first coach purse..signature bleeker hobo!! Althought I love it the darn thing keeps sliding off my shoulder when I walk! What the heck can I do to fix this?? It's driving me :hysteric: crazy!!

    Thank you soo much :smile:

  2. Has anybody else experienced this too??
  3. This is exactly why I really dislike shoulder bags. They never stay on my shoulder. I carry totes and satchels.
  4. This works for me...totally keeps my Carly on my shoulder.


    I placed a strip on the underside of the strap -- it's not at all noticeable since they are clear and no more slipping! Found them at Walgreens. Hope this helps you!
    - Angie
  5. Unfortunately, wide strap bags wont work in everyones favor due to the shape of their shoulders. Everyone is different, so some people it will stay, others it wont. I have very square shoulders, so bags stay on mine, but those who have short, or sloped shoulders, they don't. You need a bag with skinny straps if the wide ones wont stay. When you go to buy a bag, ALWAYS try your stuff in it to see if you will have this problem.
  6. OMGosh what a great idea! I am going to do this with my Carly too. Thanks! :tup:
  7. wow that is a great idea
  8. I was complaining about this myself to a friend regarding my Carly and she jokingly suggest I get shoulder implants lol. I like TulsaMINI's idea much better.
  9. It sometimes happens to me as well, but it depends on what kind of jacket/shirt I'm wearing.
  10. That is an insanely great idea!!!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!
  11. OMG, what a great idea, I would've never tought about it, hihi.
  12. That idea is genius!
  13. You know my husband suggested that same thing but I didn't want to ruin the strap. Does it leave a sticky residue if you peel it off? It is a really good idea I just hate the thought of ruining something so expensive.
  14. What a great idea!!:tup: I, too, can't wear a lot of styles because when I try them on at the store, they slip off my shoulder. I HATE that. My shoulders slope slightly. That's why I love the Leigh (on my wishlist). The combo leather and chain for some reason stays really well on my shoulder!

    I question the stickiness of the heel liner, too. Does it come off easily, etc??
  15. I was thinking the exact same thing! I had a problem with my Carly slipping off my shoulder at first, but it seems the more I wear her, the better she stays. Maybe I'm just adjusting my posture as I get used to it. Hmmm, I might have to try these...