my purse is broken!! what happens now?

  1. I have a metallic gallery tote and the straps were coming all undone. I took it to the Coach store and they're sending it in, but they said they weren't sure if it could be repaired bc the leather isn't really around anymore (it's pink metallic leather). What happens if they can't fix it? She wouldn't really tell me what they would do, she just said they would take care of me.

    What happens now?

    I really hope they can fix it, I love that purse
  2. Awwww :sad: *hugs* More than likely if they can't fix the bag or replace it, they'll give you a store credit comparable to the price of the bag (or at least a hefty percentage off a new one if the bag is really older) so you can pick out a new baby. I'm sorry! But at least if they can't fix it you will be able to find a whole new bag to ah-dore!

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  3. Oh, that sucks about your bag! I'm glad they're trying to fix it, though. I think from what other people on here have said in the past, if they can't fix it, they'll give you a new one. If that style isn't around anymore, then they'll give you a credit for the full retail price of it.

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  4. If they can't repair it, depending on how old the purse it they will either give you full store credit - or a % off your next purchase. But it could take a month and a half to get that answer! They are slllooooowwww.
  5. A friend of mine took a leather bag in for repairing that couldn't be repaired. She kept the bag and they gave her 40% off her next purchase.
  6. the bag is from holiday 2005, so it's not super old, but not brand new either
  7. That's relatively new. Hmm. That sort of thing varies, I think a lot of it is the manager's discretion if a percentage off is offered. It'll either be that or a store credit for the price of the bag-- I am leaning toward the store credit because that bag isn't very old and shouldn't fall apart like that.
  8. which manager? I thought that decision was made at corporate, not at the store

    in 15 years of Coach, this is the first one I've had that had broken, so I'm clueless on this front

    while were on the subject, will they do anything for a bag where the signature fabric is coming unwoven?

    thanks for all the replies gals!
  9. Hope they can fix it, I've seen you post pics of it, its cute.
  10. I've seen my manager bump up a percentage off for someone who had a damaged bag that couldn't be repaired-- making the percentage off 50% instead of 40% in one case. and more than that in the other. I've seen it twice. Maybe that's a hush-hush thing, I'm not sure. :confused1:

    Errr-- on the signature fabric I'd think that it'd just have to be replaced. Not sure that's fixable. I've definitely never seen one sent in for repair with that problem, or seen one come back from repairing that. Not too sure on that one! Sprinkles might know.
  11. They can not repair signature fabric only because it would have to be reconstructed and they will not do that. Also the discount is decided by the JAX repair dept and it's a standard 40% off. My management team to my knowledge ever gone above that for a customer, it's a standard discount as a "i'm sorry we couldn't fix your bag" or "i'm sorry about the horrible situation in the store" situation.
  12. so you think if they can't fix my bag they'll keep my bag and then send me a coupon for 40% off any other bag? it just me or is that kind of a raw deal?

    Thanks sprinkles and everyone else!!!
  13. What they'll most likely do is send you a credit for the bag. If they don't do that than you'll probably get your bag back + a 40% off one item letter. It would be horrible if they kept it + sent a letter, especially for a new bag!
  14. ok, my bag back and 40% is okay. Credit for my bag is okay. The bag is not destroyed, the handles are just fraying. The main problem is that it's pink metallic leather with vachetta backing, so it's not real common stuff. Keeping my $400 not used that much bag and sending me a coupon would not be cool. THANKS AGAIN! You're so smart! :yes:
  15. I am sorry about what happened to your bag. I hope the situation is resolved to your satisfaction. If not hopefully you will find a new bag that you like.