My purse cost $$$ but shhhh don't tell.

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  1. So I definitely copied the Hermes thread but since I don't own an Hermes I figured I would start this thread.

    I wanted to hear how you ladies handle those who don't understand/ appreciate the value of the perfect handbag(s).

    Everyone, and I mean everyone, in my close social circle scoffs at the idea and are so appalled at how much some purses cost. I've only been privileged enough to purchase Michael by Michael Kors, Furla, and Coach. However I am definitely eyeing( and saving) for a Balenciaga or possibly Prada, I can't decide and sadly I can't get both. The sad thing is that I feel like I already have to hide my small contemporary designer collection & don't know if I'll even feel comfortable using my premier designers in front of anybody :sad:.
    I even know someone who's willing to spend ridiculous amounts of money on 3 horses, 1 goat, 2 dogs, and 4 cats but "just couldn't imagine wasting so much money on a stupid purse" :'(. I know pets are amazing but they literally eat, sleep, and sh*t. A purse is a one time investment, no strings attached!

    Ugh. Okay. Rant over.

    How do you ladies deal with people who just don't get it?
  2. It's a matter of values. You're not willing to spend money on animals. She's not willing to spend money on purses. I won't pay $459 for an early upgrade of my phone. None of us is right or wrong, we just value different things.

    I would suggest you just stop telling your friends how much your bags cost. Why do they need to know? Buy and carry the bags that make you happy and keep your mouth shut about it in front of your friends.

  3. I definitely don't just blab off the price, that's something I never just tell people. However if people see the name on the bag they just assume it's expensive. But now it's too the point where I just don't even use my "expensive" purses around certain people. It's just silly that it has to get down to that.
    But, I know it's a matter of values. It's just frustrating that I respect what other people spend their money on but so any people frown upon spending money on "material" things. Silly.
  4. I usually buy under the radar bags cuz I love to keep the love affair of my bags to myself.

    Not everyone recognizes Celine nano, Chanel 2.55 or Balenciaga City or BV bags. I personally don't like ones with big or shiny logos (like LV monogram or some of the Gucci bags, personal preference and not meant to offend anyone).

  5. The first part is totally me, too! It's my own secret little love affair and I'm okay with that :smile:.

    The second part, thank you! That's how I feel, too, mainly because it can keep some guessing and, no joke, I've been eyeing the Balenciaga purses and wallets. They are beautiful and yet so discreet to the untrained eye :biggrin:! Now I'm definitely going for it :heart:, thank you :heart:.

    Do you have any recommendations for a first time Balenciaga buyer? Preference of store, style, etc?
  6. I definitely agree! I work in the computer field and I see coworkers spend money on gadgets like crazy. They can drop $200+ on a keyboard whereas I'd only spend $10 on one. A coworker bought a $400 tablet knowing fully well that he was going to replace it with the better $900 version when it came out 2 weeks later... then when it came out he got bored of both! :confused1:

    I don't see why investing in purses is any different than spending on any other hobby! People tend to think that it's "a waste of money," but they can actually be a nice investment. In fact, as I was arguing with a coworker the other day, his $1500 laptop will hardly be worth $500 in 4 years since technology advances so fast. My $1500 purse on the other hand, will increase in value. He got a good laugh out of that and agreed that it was a good point. :lol:

    I do get a lot of comments when I wear my purses to work so I only bring purses that aren't obviously designer. If someone does notice, I'll usually mention that I got it discounted or as a gift just to avoid the whole "you could spend your money on better things" lecture. :shucks: I wish I could wear my purses freely, but it's just not worth the hassle and no one at my work will understand anyways. It just makes wearing my purses stressful instead of enjoyable. I'd rather not deal with it at all! :nogood:
  7. I have a Bal City in red and absolutely no one knows it's a Balenciaga.
    If you love the bag, buy it.
    Life is too short to ask ourselves questions about other people's opinion.....
  8. I don't think most people would recognize an expensive handbag, nor do they realize how much one can cost, for that matter.

    I was at an event with some friends where we were somewhat dressed up. I was carrying a Liz Claiborne bag, made back when Liz Claiborne made pretty good bags, and which I'd probably got for $70 on sale. Understandably most people would probably think that's too much money to spend on a handbag. One gal picked it up, held it at arm's length, turned it around and around, and kept saying "You've got a beautiful bag!" and I could almost see her wondering how much I'd spent.

    So I don't know.... Unless you tell others the price, I don't think most have the foggiest idea.

    I will say this, the bags people tend to compliment me the most on are the LL.Bean bags I get practically free with my LL.Bean credit card points.
  9. My friends and coworkers never ask about my bags, so I guess they can't tell how expensive they are. However, people are always asking about my (designer) shoes, and some people can get quite rude. If someone asks where I got my shoes, if I know they won't judge me, I tell them. If they have a history of saying rude things about fashion, women, shoes/purses, etc, then I just smile and say, "I got these as a gift!" They can't really follow up after that...
  10. Certain people have an agenda and will never acknowledge they have there own 'needless luxuries' (cigarettes and alcohol included).

    Pets are for life and I would rather feed my two darlings and never have a new bag again, but I accept that choosing to take on a pet is an expensive commitment. Actually, the same having for kids, no one needs to have one but once they do they are a responsibility - forever. With someone who feels the responsibility to be a burden and forgets at some point they had a choice, can get a bit jealous because they perceive you have more freedom.

    These friends may just know that they'll hit a nerve, friends are often competitive with each other. You have every right to spend your own money on yourself in what ever way you like.

    If people ask me awkward questions I a) don't answer (I have another friend who uses this tactic to great effect, the silence is deafening) it will show I'm NOT going to play their game and DO NOT GO THERE/beyond offended. OR b) don't answer directly, be positive and completely miss their point like a politician "I got a great bargain, I'm so lucky" "too much but so worth it" "because I'm worth it" as it's the sore point that fuels the flames, you have to show you LOVE you bags AND are very happy.
  11. I have one LV and the only people who have commented on it are people who have their own. The rest of my collection is Coach, MK, LAMB, KS and I can get away with saying I bought them on sale (most of them were on sale anyway). It's odd that all of my better-off friends wait to get a cheap purse on sale even cheaper (I know one who takes several cruises a year and won't pay more than $10 for a purse and another who buys hers at the dollar store), and those who have to save up or pass on something else to afford a $300-$500 bag do that and love theirs.
  12. I re-sell pre-owned designer bags before and my MIL knew about it. Unfortunately, she has this notion that every designer bag there is costs more or less USD25,000 whether brand new or pre-owned! Every time she sees a Monogram LV, her brain automatically screams 'expensive!' So, in order for me to have some peace and quiet over my bag's price whenever she's around, I just opted to bring a Damier which she totally does not recognize as LV a.k.a. expensive! Ridiculous! :banghead:

  13. This. So true and so valid! :smile:.
    I'll be using that for future arguments I can already see happening. Lol.
    I'm glad that I'm not the only one who has to choose wisely about where to wear the right purse. On the bright side though, it keeps things interesting. :biggrin:.
  14. No one needs to know how much any of my bags cost unless they are familiar with any of the brands or bags I carry, which in my case are mostly classics so they are recognizable, but in my very small circle None of my friends or even family know my bags are luxury, and it will remain that way!

    If someone else doesn't share your passion for whatever it may be, then it's just easier & better to keep out of convo if they have nothing nice to say, or vice versa. I buy bags that I like/love/enjoy for me, not anyone else so if I like a monogram bag or a discreet bag I buy it not worrying about if I buy a logo people will think this or that... No way!

    If I like it, I buy it!
  15. If someone compliments me on one of my bags I say thank you and keep it moving. If they ask how much it costs I say you know it's tacky to ask how much something costs or I'll say if you have to ask you can't afford it. Usually my smart mouth shuts them up. But I'm not going to hide my bags or downplay their fabulousness just because someone is jealous or insecure or downright tacky. I can't wait got the comments on this new Prada bag.