my purse collection

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  1. currently I own:
    a Prada Vitello Diano Tote in black (for late autumn, winter and early spring)
    YSL Roady in white (for summer, it holds all I need)
    a Chloe Cassie Envelope bag (light-weight, discreet looking, fits an umbrella)
    a YSL Y Ligne clutch
    a Gucci Disco Soho bag (this bag is so handy and a must-have for running errands on a daily basis)

    Im yet thinking about selling my Tod's Shade Shopping Media
    and YSL Cabas Chyc large...
    Hence my burning question: when do you feel you should sell and did you ever regret selling your pieces? Thank you

    Currently on my wish list: a nice travel bag and a few Longchamp bags

    One day I would like to own 2 Chanel Reissue bags (in black and white) and a Bottega Veneta shoulder bag with two handles.

    What travel bag would you recommend? Ive been thinking about LV Keepall size 45 or Mulberry Travel bag size 53 in leather, which makes the bag hefty. Can you please recommend what i should go for in terms of travel bags?
  2. Beautiful collection! Your brand aesthetic is sublime.

    In regards to packing up and selling your pieces: definitely keep yourself educated when it comes to the secondhand market, and know how much your pieces are worth on the resale market. Obviously the goal is to love the piece to death and know you'll keep it forever in your collection, but I'd consider selling it if you feel like it's something you wouldn't wear any more or could pass on to a loved one so they'd wear it too. (Personal opinion) It's how I feel about Miu Miu, it's a brand that's definitely past its prime and beginning to fade; not only because of its brand prestige but the quality is subpar for what other brands you can buy at a similar price point.

    Always do your research on the secondhand market. And if you're successful in selling; you can use that towards a bag you will love and wear even more!
  4. thank you!! it's so lovely of you to have said that! )))
    i'm jealous of your bags. wish i could get my hands on the same bags (celine and ysl are my faves)
    for some weird reason i don't get it how to post pictures here... hm
  5. #5 Apr 7, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2016
    Thank you :smile: my collection is quite modest as my parents aren't really into premier designer brands, and I've had to build my collection without help! But it's rewarding and more meaningful that way. Young and dumb, but I may as well be well dressed [emoji41] thank you.

    Your disco is so pretty!! I love to see that pop of color in a collection, and what a beautiful powder blue ~ maybe I'll consider one down the road, it's at a pretty decent price point [emoji4] and your cabas'.. I loved how subtle the Y design was. I do miss that about the old YSL - Slimane's monogram line is so distinct but very loud hehe.

    If you're using the mobile app there's a little plus button next to the text box - I'll double check the desktop site and get back to you on that if you use the desktop site. Pictures make it so much more helpful [emoji4] that's why I went from a "window shopper" of the forums to an account holder. There's something really magical about seeing casual pictures of bags from real people [emoji7]
  6. Very nice collection, I love all your bags :smile:
    All your satchels look great for everything you would ever need to haul around.
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