My purse collection

  1. These are most of purses I have now. I will be adding the Paddy as soon as I receive it :love: !
    All.JPG LV.JPG Guccis.JPG Others.JPG
  2. These are my two favorite summer purses...
  3. what a fantastic collection - it is so varied, you have many great options. I love that epi leather lavender; it is such a pretty color in person.
  4. Beautiful collection :biggrin: I love the pink MJ bag :love:
  5. love've got quite a variety!
  6. LOVING your Salvatore Ferragamo!! Really beautiful! You have a Fabulous collection there!:nuts: :love:
  7. Wow, thanks for all the wonderfully nice comments! Almost makes up for not getting a Paddy today!
  8. i was eyeing your ferragamo and mj in the first pic! i'm glad you posted the a picture of just the two...what can i say i love bright colors!:love:

    you have a great collection! i can't wait to see your paddy:amuse:
  9. Absolutely fabulous collections...
  10. Love your collection, especially the MJ in pink, I never knew it even came in pink ! Do you mind if I ask what year that bag was from ?
  11. I bought it last June/July from Saks...on sale! The color is called cherry blossom and I saw it on sale somewhere for cheaper...I think eluxury or LVR??? Can't remember...but I did see it last week somewhere!
  12. wow...nice...
    I love your blue Ferragamo. Mind to tell me how much was the price?
  13. Oh my, I love your collection :love: I'm getting so inspired by all these collections you guys have :biggrin:
  14. Thanks for sharing your collection...I love the pink Venetia and the blue Ferragamo, and your vintage Gucci bags! :love:
  15. Thanks! I got it last June, I think the original price is $1080, but I got it on sale for $800ish. I usually don't like ferragmo designs, but I fell in LOVE with this one.
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