My Purse at a Kid's Party

  1. This is an experience I have to share and only you guys would understand. This weekend I took my son to his classmates birthday party and I had my BH with me. Now, I take extremely good care of my bags, I baby them, I store them properly in bag and box when not in use, and I am very careful with even my own hands on them. The handles are still light and that is how I like them.

    So anyway, I set my bag down on the bench and tend to my son (he's 3) in the party room where the food is served. Well, another parent sits RIGHT NEXT to my BH and she is eating her pizza really close to my bag and most importantly the handles......... :s I must have STARED at her the whole time while she ate since I didn't want to offend her by going to move my purse, which now I think I should have to save myself the anxiety. But wait, there's more. When cake time came, her and her teenage child literally stood over my bag and split a piece of cake. :wtf:I am talking about splitting in on a flimsy paper plate that was going to give at any given moment and scooping it from one flimsy plate to another.....OMG needless to say, I watched every moment of it in slow motion as I held my breath.

    That was it, I had it at that point. I went and graciously rescued my BH and said, "oh let me move my bag for you so you can sit down", to the teenager.

    I kept my bag on my shoulder the rest of the time.
  2. I completely understand. I am always moving my bags to where they will be safe. I don't care if people notice. The best case scenario would be for them to have their own chair where they sit on my coat. Otherwise they sit on my feet instead of the floor.

    I too would rather carry mine than put it down in a danger zone. But I do have a couple of purses just for those occasions where there will be mud or danger or lots of kids so I don't have to worry so much.
  3. OMG! I totally understand! That happens at my work all the time! I work in retail so we all put our stuff together and when someone or something is around my bag I just feel unsafe..
  4. OMG, that was really funny (but heart stopping esp when they split the cake) story! I would've reacted the same way hahaha :nuts:
  5. Oh my gosh. I would of moved it in the beginning. ^^ Like she said I was nervous reading this. haha.
  6. for sec i thought the story was going to take a turn for the bad!
  7. Ha ha! I know exactly how you feel. I took one of my new bags to my kids's open house at school and there were so many parents and kids and some of the kids ran right into my bag. I was so busy watching it....I kind of missed alot of what the principal said!!!!
  8. Not all people share our passion for bags so they probably wouldnt understand how you were feeling in the first place. They might even be totally unaware they almost ruined a $$$ bag or offending somebody. Just keep them beside you always in the future so you wouldnt have any cause for concern :yes:
  9. OMG!!! That would have given me a heart attack. I would have rescued my Louis sooner. I'm glad nothing happened to it.
  10. LOL i ALWAYS put my bag on my lap.
    i've done this since i was in school... it's not about i worried it'll get dirty or stuff, it's just when i sit i'm comfortable with a bag on my lap that i can put my hands on sometimes :p
  11. I can relate too! I took my black neo cabby to my BFs nephew's 1st birthday party this weekend and moved my bag twice! We had to set our bags on the ground in his sisters bedrooms but kids kept running in there to play. My BF was just as worried, lol!
  12. I can totally relate!
    LV and kids don't mix, especially kids who are eating!
  13. I was anxious the whole time I read your post until the end! Whew! I really thought something awful was gonna happen :sweatdrop:. Thank goodness you moved your BH!!! God knows what would've happened if you hadn't rescued it! I've had to move my LV's away from people many times...just to be polite I pretend to dig through it, pull something out, & use it. I though it was great that you told the cake wielding teen that you were moving your bag so she could sit. All's well that ends well!
  14. Lol, your story made me laugh but also stopped my heart because I just had that happen to me. I was at a restaraunt and the waitress spilled a cup of water on our table then proceeded to pour a cup of water while standing over my mono trouville (which was on its own chair). I discreetly put my coat over my bag for the rest of the meal.:wtf:
  15. Oh I feel ya!! I woulda done the exact same. Glad nothing happened to your BH...phew!