My Purple Miu Miu Bag

  1. Hi Gals,

    I want to share with all of you my new and actually also my first Miu Miu bag which is in my favourite PURPLE colour. :lol:
    DSC00753.JPG DSC00754.JPG
  2. That is BEAUTIFUL! Where did you get it??
  3. Being a new to the forum, I should also state my location. I got this from the Hong Kong shop yesterday. This style also offers in gold colour, which is so nice for night time going out. Hope you could find it in your place.
  4. Very nice!
  5. Love the colour :tup:
  6. Gorgeous color and leather! Love it!
  7. congrats!!!!such a nice purple bag!!!
  8. Congratulations! Purple is a very feminine colour indeed.
  9. Beautiful color ... congrats on your first Miu Miu!
  10. Ooooohhhh I love the color!!!
  11. congrats!! nice color
  12. what is that bag called??
  13. I luv miu miu's purple leather!!! Last month I got a zipper clutch in the same color!
  14. i like miu mius leather in any color! ITS FANTASTIC :yes:
  15. I like it! I've seen it in turquoise on purseblog, but I like this color so much better! Congrats!