my purple matinee from shopbop came...but i have a question

  1. hello ladies! i have been waiting for this bag to arrive and now it is finally here.:yahoo: i baught the exclussive matinee in purple from Shopbop (like gung's and carcoit's). but i have a question. is the hardware that attaches the strap to the bag suppose to look kinda tarnished or is that how its suppose to look like?:s and also, i seem to be missing a dustbag. thnks!
  2. ^Mine did not come with a dustbag either. If you call RM, I believe they will send you one. All of RM's bags made before this season have the brass hardware on them, and tarnishing is to be expected. Just shine it away with some Brasso! HTH!
  3. thanks gung! that is actually what i did. i called rm and cory said she'll send me one. and yes , as soon as i got the bag i tried poloshing it with brasso and it worked. thanks! :smile::tup:
  4. Yay! I'm glad the polishing worked for you. What do you think of the color?
  5. i love the color!!! it is truly divine!! the leather is soooo soft and smooshy. i dont think ill ever by another matinee unless if its the same leather as this. thank you for doing the modeling pics! it has truly inspired me to get this bag. i have a feeling this is not going to be my last rebecca minkoff, i am already thinking of whats the next bag to get from my list.:yes:;)
  6. Awesome! I am so glad you love it! The Shopbop one was my first RM bag, so it really spoiled my as far as leather goes. I've got other RM bags with nice leather, but nothing compares. Plus, since the leather is so soft and slouchy on the Shopbop exclusive, I like the shape better, too. Its got a really elegant, soft drape that it doesn't get with other leather.

    I'll let you know If I ever come across another color with similar leather - I really hope Rebecca uses more of it in the future (maybe you should write an e-mail to them requesting this, too?).
  7. i totally agree with you! this is also my first rm bag and this shape and style is what got me in to liking this brand. yah, i hope rebecca makes more bags in this type of leather (nice and smooshy) its almost comparable to balenciaga leather. (i think). gosh! i am so tempted in getting the other color from shopbop (black with sage). the price isnt bad for the quality of leather you are paying for.

    got a question for you. what do you think of the new matinees and ma's that came out for spring w/o the tassels? i liked some of the colors, like the ocean, tangerine etc, but i am debating if i should get one because i really preffer the ones with the tassels. what do you think?
  8. I think the new ones without tassels look surprisingly nice - plus they do seem dressier without them. If there is a color that really grabs your attention this spring, then don't hesitate to get it because there are no tassels. However - don't go talking yourself into a color that isn't you just because everyone else on the board has to have it. :smile:
  9. I'm glad this worked kath! But I hope it's not something you'll have to keep doing regularly? Seems a bit high maintenance, but well worth it!
  10. is this why some people preffer silver hardware? so because i got it in gold hardware it will keep tarnishing and i will have to use brasso to shine it? that would really suck. :crybaby:
  11. I don't think so, I have polished once and it has been fine ever since.
  12. This is SO true.

    I've seen a few people on this board who run to buy certain handbags "just because they can". I often wonder about the reasoning behind it.....I they really LOVE the bag?? Or are they simply buying it to spite someone else.....deprive someone else the pleasure??????

    Things that make you go "Hmmmmmmmmm"

  13. what is brasso? and where can i get it? TIA!
  14. Brasso is a tarnish remover for brass. It's excellent!!!