My Purple Mahala is HERE **** PICS ****

  1. So I finally have her.She is a little dark but once shes out in the sun she is B EA UTIFUL - had 2 go outside to take pics of her ....I love her !!! .....:yahoo::heart:

  2. So pretty! Enjoy!!
  3. I love the purple! Now is this the Aubergine?
  4. ^ Unfortunally it is not the aubergine. It is plain purple. The aubergine is a much lighter colour.
  5. :drool: Beautiful!
  6. Oh I love it!
    Its beautiful - what is the aubergine? Is that the liquid patent?
  7. Congratulations.
  8. The aubergine is a purple-ish colour 2 but lighter .... heres a pics of her 4m NAP
  9. Gris - thank you :smile:
    Have you seen the aubergine in person?

    Here's a tough question for you ...
    Betweeon your purple and your blue mahala - which do you like better?
  10. That is Gorgeous:nuts:

    Congrats & Enjoy her:choochoo::choochoo:
  11. Electric Blue DEF - I went to court on Monday and took her with me... you have no idea how many times I catch girls looking at her....

    Let see what the reaction of the purple is when I taker her ot
  12. Thanx Robyn I sure will.
  13. BEAUTIFUL, gris! i agree that the electric blue is probably more of an eye-catcher, but this purple mahala looks a lot more timeless to me. what a position to be in...hmmm...electric blue...or purple mahala? :rolleyes: hee hee!
  14. For me the blue is too much and the purple is perfect!
    I want to see the purple and the aubergine in person and I'll have to get one :smile:
  15. ^ yes you def need to get one!!! i cant wait to have $ to get a cognac maddy/malena:drool: ... but for now I will enjoy what I have and keep dreaming...