My purple handbag with purple scarf!!

  1. Here is a pic of my purple (dark lavender) Tess Loriani handbag with it's purple Coach scarf...

    Sorry about the yellowness of the picture, I took it with my phone... In real life it's more of a dark palish purple...
    purple purse.jpg
  2. Here is a better picture of the bag... this picture is a bit more true to the actual color, but in real life, it also has some pink undertones...
    (these pics don't do justice to the color of the bag)
  3. Oooooh! That is sooo sweet!:nuts:
    Purple/lavender is my favourite color! Very very very nice!
  4. oooh that's very pretty!
  5. I love that color and the bag/scarf! IMO, purple and lavender shades are flattering to most people. Nice combo!:yes:
  6. Sooo pretty together!!:heart: :heart: :heart:
  7. ^ ITA, sooooo pretty! :girlsigh:
  8. Very pretty! Love the bag and the scarf!
  9. Oh so cute! :smile: they go together very well!
  10. SO cute! That is a great combo. :yes:
  11. Love it!!!!!!! I love purple/lilac very much!!!!!!!!!
  12. Oooh so pretty!! I love the bag and the scarf
  13. Nice colors for the upcoming spring/summer season. Love the lavender colors!
  14. very pretty!!
  15. So sweet!