My Purple dream bag!!!!

  1. Let me start off by saying that I had this bag in a different pattern. I wore it probably less than a handful of times in the year that I had it. I died to get it then felt it was just too uncomfortable to wear. After stalking the purse forum I decided to get another one in my absolute favorite color.....PURPLE!!!! I tried to be patient and buy it preowned but nobody wanted to give up theirs!!! ! Anyone up for a quick reveal???!!!!????
  2. Here! I am a purple freak too, so my guess is that you got my favorite bag, the aube empreinte artsy?
  3. show us your new beauty;)
  4. empreinte! empreinte! let's see!
  5. Come on, whip it out! ;)
  6. Introducing my brand spanking new Aube Artsy....the pictures do it no justice!!!
  7. Lovely, congrats!
  8. stunning bag! congrats:woohoo:
  9. :smile:
  10. Beautiful!!!! Love it!!
  11. Love the color and congrats.
  12. such a gorgeous bag - love the color -- CONGRATS!!
  13. Lovely bag, congrats
  14. Beautiful!!! Such a rich colour... Congrats and enjoy! Is it more comfortable than mono?
  15. CONGRATS :smile: This is absolutely gorgeous :smile: Glad you were able to get her and add her to your collection, she is quite stunning :woohoo: